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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Some Interesting Observations on the BN Campaign...

Today's Star front page shows the acting PM "playfully touching" the belly of the MB-designate for Kelantan.

While the candidate may possess impressive qualities to have risen from a poor background to become the assistant governor of Bank Negara, this photo is not too flattering.

What is the PM doing but emphasize the ample belly of a potential MB? Is that a warning to voters that this guy needs plenty of goodies to maintain his lifestyle? Looking at the photo, it appears at least 2 persons are in imminent danger of a heart attack. Maybe it is the new strategy to ensure one-term BN MPs.

I am not quite a "touchy and feely" person and I don't mind the occassional hug but I feel guys should keep their hands to around the shoulders contact.
Remember that was another photo of the PM with his hand on the bare shoulder of Michelle Yeoh some months back?

In Malacca, the BN added a slogan to the manifesto -
"Bersama Mencipta Sejarah (Together Let’s Create History)."

Are they urging people to kick them out and "create history" by changing the government?
That I am prepared to do.

I have received a few SMS mainly to kick out the BN but I don't subscribe to the notion of forwarding such messages as it usually becomes a nuisance and only makes the telcos richer.

But I got this message from a guy who is well established and doing very well for himself but his son is working abroad.
For someone who probably picked the BN before, I think there has been a change of mind-set among many older Malaysians who now realise the perils facing the nation.

These Malaysians are angry that their children have to work abroad. In some cases it is by choice but I think in the majority of cases these young Malaysians cannot find appropriate opportunities in their own country.
I am sure most parents prefer to have their children closer to home.

Photo: thanks to the Star

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