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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Political Jigsaw -- Time for M&As?

In the aftermath of the 12th GE that saw the major losses of the MCA, Gerakan and MIC, it is time for these parties to do what failing companies do - consider the M&A route and convince UMNO to take them in as partners in the changed political landscape.

It will also reduce the headache of any future PM who now has to juggle with so many component parties to produce the world-beating Cabinet numbers. Granting Cabinet posts by numbers just to appease the numerous parties does not create an efficient or effective Cabinet. The concept of meritocracy should be applied more judiciously.

It is pertinent to note that all the three party Presidents have declined a Cabinet post. Could it be they fully realise the futility of stemming the tide of the liberated Malaysian mind?

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PeterP said...

Maybe these three have realized that should they join the Cabinet, they would only become the punching bags for the sore losers in the BN. Do you think they would be accorded any respect as heads of components parties?

If before the election, someone was considered ‘Semi Value’, now poor fella, having lost his seat and the seat of his pants, is only of ‘No Value’.

While the world at large considers the smooth handing over of office in Penang as quite gentlemanly, there are, I’m sure, others who would view it as collaborating with the ‘enemy’ and a treacherous act. Such is the haughtiness of some who expect to be addressed as ‘the honourable’.