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Monday, March 24, 2008

Terengganu Politics - Is There More to It than Disapproval of the Former MB?

The decision by the Terengganu palace to reject the BN nominee for the post of MB even though he is supported by the majority of the elected reps, unlike the situation in Perlis, indicates that perhaps it is not such a simple disagreement between Putrajaya and Terengganu.

At one time Terengganu enjoyed a state income worth hundreds of millions of ringgit in oil royalties but the federal government amended the constitution years ago so that the people of Terengganu were denied this direct payment.

That happened as the federal government did not want the opposition state to enjoy such funds. The royalty payment was instead converted into a "development fund" under the control of Putrajaya.

Instead of the opposition being able to develop the state based on the needs of its own residents, power over the fund was transferred to the federal government; as at the time the 2/3 supremacy allowed it unfettered authority.

With the loss of another 5 states to the opposition and a weakened PM, I believe this rejection of the MB is to show that Terengganu is still unhappy about being denied the right to decide on how to use the royalties.

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