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Friday, March 14, 2008

The New Political Realities in Malaysia

The voters have decided and we now have the new state governments properly elected.
All Malaysians should accept the results of the Elections and put politics aside to enable to let Malaysians get back to work.

The BN lost in major states but the PM still has enough majority in Malaysia to lead the nation but already people from his own party have started to clamour for his resignation.

It seems some people lose no time to get rid of old leaders so that their path to the top is cleared. These people probably don't realise that the "bad old days" are gone and Malaysians now want more freedom and transparency.

This is not the right time to remove the PM as the nation is still recovering from the shock results. My opinion is that AAB is the best PM for this tumultous period as his calming but firm demeanor will enable the wounds to heal and allow both the BN and the BR to learn how to evolve into a proper 2-system democracy.
Even TDM confessed he was unable to reform UMNO but AAB will be able to do that.

Is there anywhere in the Constitution that says the BN must lead the nation in perpetuity?

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