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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Prime Minister and the Power Vacuum

When AAB was returned in the 2004 elections, he enjoyed the strongest mandate that Malaysians had ever given the BN, allbeit with some help of the conniving Elections Commission that has been delineating new seats in Sabah and Sarawak to discriminate against voters in Peninsular Malaysia.

He enjoyed almost supreme power holding the posts of PM, Finance Minister and Interior Minister. Some thought he was also Malaysia'a flying ambassador with so many overseas tours that it was considered necessary to lease not buy a spanking executive jet.

Unfortunately he lost sight of the basic reason why most Malaysians welcomed him as the new PM. They thought he was the light at the end of a dark and long tunnel.

Now in the aftermath of the 12GE, the PM is a wounded leader and even people in his own party must be plotting to seek his downfall. He has lost much of the "winner's aura" and most people accept it is only a question of time before he goes.

Even his own party leaders have scoffed at his authority as in the MB's appointment in Perlis and now Terengganu. It may have little to do with personalities but there is now a power vacuum surrounding the PM and nature abhors a vacuum.

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