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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Progressive Cabinet or the Next Shadow Cabinet?

Here are two quick flaws that I see in the Cabinet and this does not reflect on any particular individuals but based on principles:

1.A person should not be holding a portfolio for too long as that tends to breed carelessness and familiarity; not to forget making the person more susceptible to avenues of corruption or breach of trust. For example in banks, some staff in sensitive areas must take leave so that misdeeds can be uncovered. Two terms should be the most for ministers and deputies.

2.Appointing an advisor with minister rank for a portfolio that already has a minister is a no-no. Expect fireworks here or a cat-fight.

The basic structure is still way too large. I always thought a Cabinet is meant to be easy to lead and manage but this one can easily be halved; just as someone mentioned in malaysiakini.

I would also move away from the fixed notion that the DPM would be the automatic successor and suggest 2 DPMs would give more flexibility in case of health or other setbacks. The Negri idea of a two-year term can be applied to the DPM would allow the PM to check out the leadership qualities of others.

With 15 ministers holding enlarged portfolios and more deputies, there would be more competition to perform well.

Unless this new Cabinet can perform beyond our expectations before the next elections, they have a few years to practise being in the next Shadow Cabinet.

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