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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perak's Barisan Rak'yat - No C4 Needed

It looks like the BR's frail coalition for Perak may implode given that the DAP has issued a statement that it will boycott the swearing-in of the PAS candidate who was chosen by the Perak ruler.

I just don't understand this position as the three names from DAP,PKR and PAS were submitted for consideration for the palace to choose. If the PAS was not supported for the post given they hold only 6 seats, the name should not have been submitted.
If they needed 3 names, these names could have been only from the DAP and PKR.

Now that the palace has made the official choice it would be an insult for anyone to boycott the swearing-in ceremony as it proves that the coalition is not workable even before the first day at work.

It is also a grave insult against the Perak royalty that is much loved and respected by Malaysians.

It was definitely a mistake to submit three names but this proposed boycott is a more serious mistake than the first. The DAP's supporters must surely realise that this mistake is part of a learning curve and will be able to forgive their error.

But most Malaysians who voted the party will be upset if they make the second mistake and jeopardise the chance of running a state government for a few years and showing us what you can achieve.

It is time to show statesmanship and not political arrogance.

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yeappie said...

All parties agreed to submit 3 names to the palace and would abide by the decision. DAP gambled and lost and did not like the outcome.