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Monday, March 10, 2008

Aftermath - Where Do We Go from Here?

The STAR front page said it all "Political Tsunami" leaving some parties of the ruling BN demolished beyond repair.

The voters from all races have given a resounding chorus to our political leaders that we want a more responsive and responsible government and the transfer of another 4 states to be administered under the DAP, PKR and PAS gives all Malaysians the chance to evaluate their capability to lead and manage a progressive state.

Two easy suggestions for the Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor governments:
1.Direct all local councils to open all council meetings to the public unless it is a matter of national security.

2.Remove the bumi discount for property unless it is for a first time property purchase.

The PM can also work more closely with the opposition to begin giving back more power and authority to the states as at present there is really too much control in Putrajaya.

The nation would benefit more if projects are discussed and approved with the state governments before mega-projects are launched. That is the way all the rak'yat can contribute and participate to help Malaysia progress as a nation.

The notion that opposition areas should be denied development is archaic and a good government will ensure that these areas are treated equitably will ensure that people know they have a fair and just leader.

There is no place for arrogant rulers to dictate based on their personal likes and dislikes.

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