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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Photos Don't Lie But They May Not Tell the Whole Story....

From the Star's front page:

"Although the Smart Tunnel in Kuala Lumpur was designed primarily for flood prevention, its role in reducing traffic jams was brought to the fore during the recent four-day closure of the tunnel to divert floodwaters. Motorists complained of constant traffic jams in the Sungai Besi area ever since the tunnel was closed at 6pm last Saturday following a heavy storm. These two pictures taken on Wednesday reveal the effectiveness of the tunnel in reducing traffic congestion. The top picture was taken during the morning rush hour while the picture below was taken at 7.10pm, soon after the tunnel was reopened to traffic. — Bernama/KAMARUL ARIFFIN/The Star"

Do you notice the claim that the SMART Tunnel has the "effectiveness of the tunnel in reducing traffic congestion"?
But the difference in the time is like between sunrise and sunset.
If they really wanted to show the effectiveness, the photos should be taken at the same time plus or minus 5 minutes.
No wonder many people are boycotting MSM - such blatant misleading stories.

Photos: thanks to the Star

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