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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

FORGIVENESS is a Good Human Trait But........

It is being proposed that the Malaysian government "apologise" to the former Lord President for his dismissal in 1988 as he was considered not friendly enough to government cases.
To his credit, the Former Lord President welcomes the proposal for the apology as I am sure he knows that he was treated harshly for trying to do his job properly.

This is like the recent apology in Australia where the government apologised to thousands of Aborigines who suffered as a result of a practice in the former British colony where thousands of aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their families to be raised as "civilised people".
But the idea to apologise appears to be a convenient solution as it permits those who were responsible for the gravest injustice to one of Malaysia's august institutions - the Judiciary, that many consider to be the most important of the 3 pillars of society, to escape without the proper administration of justice.

The sacking of the former Lord President and those gallant judges who lined up to protect him may be considered to be the most heinous crime committed against all Malaysians.
As the Lingam Inquiry suggests, we are still suffering from the the dark days of 1988. It is as if the Judiciary had been raped and what we can observe are the illegitimate offsprings of that crime.
Unlike the situation in Australia, where the perpetrators of the official policy are long gone, the Malaysian perpetrators are still around and enjoying the fruits of their evil deeds.
I am sure we have enough honest law-makers and competent law enforcers to determine how to proceed in this matter.
An apology is simply too convenient a whitewash.

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