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Friday, March 7, 2008

May the Light Shine on Malaysians who Love their Country and Especially the Fence-sitters

I find the PM's latest speech outrageous.
After a speech a few weeks ago proclaiming to be "PM for all Malaysians", he now says if the Chinese component parties lose, there will not be any post for Chinese in the Cabinet.

Reminds me of the book, "Big Ears, Black Heart" that I may decide to write.
The PM is essentially telling all the Chinese and Indian citizens that he will not take care of them unless they support the BN. Is that not blackmail of the supreme degree?

Of course if we grant them another overwhelming mandate, there is no telling where this government will take the nation. Already we are famous for world class scandals.

Yesterday I said that I would not put my list of dissatisfactions here but you can read some of them in this article I wrote in 2004 entitled Vision 2020 or "Malaysia Dreamin" .

If you have been sitting on the fence for some time now, it should be quite uncomfortable. Why not get off the fence and help decide the future direction for our nation?

MALAYSIA needs you and every vote counts. Some young people are driving home from Singapore to vote and you too should do your duty to safeguard the nation's future. I assure you that you will experience a deep sense of satisfaction after you cast your ballot.

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