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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's Not Support Malaysian Cross-over Politicians

There is some talk that some politicians are being enticed to join the BN to regain their 2/3 supremacy or to BR so that they can take over the government.

We all know politics can be a sordid game and people do change over time. But let's draw the line at this.

How do we entice people to cross-over? It's that ugly monster of money politics again and we should slay that beast before we end back on the slippery slope.

It would be OK for an elected representative to resign his seat and re-contest on a different political party ticket but would you trust someone like that to represent you?

I suggest to BR to administer those 4 new states properly before you embark on the Grand Design. Remember you need to show that you can do better than the BN before the rest of the nation will grant you due consideration at the 13th GE.

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PeterP said...

Yes, resigning one’s seat to get a new mandate from the people would be the way to go for those intending to jump. Otherwise it is clear that you only have your interest at heart and not the peoples’ and yet claim to be the ‘Wakil Rakyat’.

The new governments of Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor should not be too worried by the lack of funds. They just have to look at how Kelantan has survived more than a decade. This despite the BN trying to starve them of funds and diverting FDI away from that state.

This is do-able so just do it.