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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It Should Be Easy for UMNO to Re-Vitalize Itself

Just return to the great ideals of its founder the great Onn Jaafar who had the foresight to want all Malaysians within his party.

Fifty years ago, people were not so well-informed and he left the party he founded because he could not get his ideas accepted.

As the opposition parties have proved in the elections, the majority of people in the Peninsula are ready for the ideals of Onn Jaafar. UMNO can emerge from the elections as


and be able to absorb all the race-based parties.

Money politics and cronyism should be eliminated and the NEP should be replaced with a policy that helps all Malaysians based on needs and not race.

Truly Malaysia can become a great nation if UMNO reforms itself and becomes a unifying party. I am sure with a party powered with great ideals and not the lure of money, it will still be able to attract many followers.

The saying, "Ask not UMNO can do for you but what you can do for UMNO" applies. Those seeking great wealth need not apply.

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