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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Elections are Over, it is Time to Get On with the Nation-building

The 12th General Elections are over and we witnessed the massive losses of the ruling BN coalition, even though they made improper use of taxpayers' monies by continuing to act as the government after Parliament had been dissolved.

I daresay that if those leaders on the campaign trail worked half as hard during the past 4 years as they did during those 14days, we would have achieved Developed Nation Status by now. OK enough wishful thinking.

In most civilised countries after an elections, the leaders of both sides will come together to work for the benefit of all citizens. Debates will be held before bills are passed so that citizens can be part of the democratic process.
I suggest to the new Information Minister that his first task should be getting the proceedings in Parliament televised live so that those interested can watch and evaluate our MPs in action.
With the new cast in Parliament, that could turn out to be "Malaysia's Best Reality Show".

Before we get to that stage however, there is some disturbing news that some MPs are considering switching sides and I feel this is most unhealthy for the nation. Such rumours create instability and are bad for investors who prefer a more settled political environment and if they believe the government can be so easily changed by party-hoppers, they will take their monies elsewhere.

Malaysia is still learning some lessons in the transfer of power as seen in the formation of new state administrations and I suggest toppling the central government by inducing MPs to switch side is a bad and unhealthy practice for the nation.

People may claim that no money is paid but the incentive of being on the winning team and future benefits is ever present. Do you think voters are still so gullible?

Therefore I suggest that the following law be debated and passed:

1.MPs may not switch parties for 3 years after being elected unless they are expelled from their party.
2.MPs who switch parties on their own are required to resign and not allowed to contest in the same seat for 5 years.

This will be a good exercise for the new Parliament as the 2/3 supremacy is absent and good arguments will carry the motion.
Can we call it the Angus Anti-Hopping Law?

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Keith said...

In the interest of transparency, not just Parliament debates should be televised, but state assembly meeting minutes need to made public as well. General assembly's of political parties like UMNO, DAP and even PAS must be televised. The public MUST be made aware of what is discussed, and nothing should be deemed 'sensitive' when it is the publics money that is being spent.