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Friday, March 21, 2008

As Usual UMNO Rules......

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No wonder the East Malaysians are not too happy with their share of Cabinet posts. According to malaysiakini, one MP is mulling shifting to PKR.

Of the 34 posts with ministers' rank,UMNO took 24 or 70.5% with the other 29.5% to be shared among the other parties in the 14-party BN. Hardly a fair distribution, don't you think? And the really glamorous portfolios are also assigned to UMNO MPs.

For the second tier of deputy ministers, there is a fairer distribution of posts, with UMNO taking 14 out of 32 posts or about 44%. That would be a more equitable ratio if applied to the ministers' posts.

With 2 deputy ministers declining, I guess those 2 posts could be given to other parties.

I thought the Cabinet should consist of those who can really do good work and not simply a reward for those who got elected by fair means or foul.

With one MP resigning, there could be a move for more East Malaysians to go independent and create a stalemate in Parliament short of supporting a no confidence vote. Maybe that way they will get the attention of the federal authorities to really do more to help the poor in Sabah and Sarawak.

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