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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Such a Puerile Excuse from the Education Ministry

Many parents do not have much trust in the quality of the standard of education in Malaysia and that accounts for the hundred odd buses that ply the Causeway every day, taking thousands of young Malaysians to schools in Singapore where they are assured of a good quality education and easy access to further education.

Apart from the Education Minister who thinks little of brandishing his keris in the name of all that is sacred, we now see the Deputy director of the state education department in Penang now trying to make a lame excuse as to why the Chief Minister of Penang was not invited to "attend the closing ceremony of the state schools' athletic tournament at the state stadium in Batu Kawan yesterday."
The reason was "due to time constraints".

It was not that the new Chief Minister gave this reason as he was too busy but the committee did not ask him to attend.

Elections ended on 8th March and that gave the committee almost 3 whole weeks to prepare the invitation for the new Chief Minister. No doubt people in Penang were in some shock after the elections but one would hope that the Deputy-director would be capable of more clarity in his thinking.

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