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Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Support Badawi to Remain as the PM

Given the drubbing the BN received in the elections, I suggest that AAB should remain as the PM.

After all it was during his last tenure that Malaysia experienced an awakening and I am sure he is man enough to learn from this bitter defeat. What he should do is to clean up his own party and allow democracy to flourish there too.

If UMNO is not truly democratic by allowing leadership contests at all levels, how can the government itself uphold democratic principles?

The 12 GE shows that more Malaysians are prepared to vote for a more equitable society where its citizens are given fair opportunities to develop their potential.

Probably some rivals may be plotting his downfall but I will support him as the PM for the next 5 years as Malaysia is entering a very interesting phase of political awakening.
What do you think?

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