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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BN Government and RTM Still Living in the Dinosaur Age...

It should be the Malaysian Government but I don't know why our national leaders still talk about BN Government.(Is that a new country?)

We all know that AAB has been sworn in as the Prime Minister of Malaysia and not BN Land or has anyone seen a different version of the official declaration?

He has the mandate to lead all Malaysians to "peace, prosperity and security" and I suggest the best way forward for Malaysia is to work out practical ways to cooperate with the major states of Selangor, Perak and Penang and Kedah that are now under opposition rule.

RTM should also have aired the swearing-in of the other Chief Ministers as it is the official station and should provide better coverage of such important events. Instead I saw a snippet of an rather apologetic and self-pitying speech by the former Information Minister.

Looking at the scenario on both sides, I wonder who has more need for super Panadol -the Opposition that won so many states and now has to find qualified people or the Government that has to find ways to recover from a major setback.

For thing for sure. If the BN continues on their present tack, they may end up on the opposite side of Parliament come the 13th GE.
That's a lucky number for some.


Snapshots said...

This will be the biggest problem that DAP, Keadilan, PAS, where to find the good ppl to work with them in this 5 states, as the BN is getting ready to Ketuk Kuat. Lack of Funds, Lack of Publicity are main factors

Anak Merdeka said...

It's not a problem for Barisan Rakyat if they are not going to restrict themselves to rewarding their own party members with positions of power. There are many apolitical professionals out there willing to serve for the good of this country.

And anyway, did you not notice the number of sour grapes still licking their wounds in public? They all need a crash course on how to accept defeat graciously. It's disgraceful the way they continue to play the race card.

ZACH said...

Actually there is no more RTM,TV3 in Malaysia. They are now known as BNTV Channel 1,2,3 (formerly RTM) BNTV3,BNNTV7,BNChannel9 (Owned by Media Prima)

H J Angus said...

thanks for the comments. That is why I don't think BR should try and win BN MPs to control the government.

thanks for the info. So these companies report to the Info Minister for programming?

cik amoi
thanks for dropping by and writing again!