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Monday, March 10, 2008

Truly a "Defining Moment" for Malaysia

Anwar's description of the victory of the people is most apt and reflects the many years he spent in the political wilderness honing his skills.

My wife attended the recent conference on risk in Singapore and said he is a good public speaker.

SYABAS to all Malaysians who voted to change the political landscape. I was wrong to condemn and belittle people who took a long time to DEMAND CHANGE during the past 3 years of this blog. Apart from one peterp and zawi who do give feedback, I sometimes feel I am writing in a vacuum. Even football players need encouragement from their fans!

As for the present PM who is under great pressure to resign, my feeling is that he is uniquely placed to steer the ship to calm waters and allow our new FREEDOM to emerge.

The immediate reaction for most people is to call for his resignation.
But If you think ponder more deeply, you may realize that with the election results, the BN actually has the best reason to reform itself and UMNO can take the lead to develop the BN into a non-racist political force.

I suggest removing him and carrying on business as usual will do little to advance the interests of the BN, Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020. We now have the best opportunity to decentralize government and allow more local government leaders to lead in their states. We can now evaluate the performance of 4 major political forces in state governments – BN, PAS, PKR and the DAP.

I support AAB as the PM if he is willing to lead all Malaysians who have given the strongest message yet that they are willing and able to select people who are leaders and not just rulers who rule with draconian laws.

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yeappie said...

I beg to differ. Are we willing to take chances for the next 5 years based on his lackluster and mediocre performance for the last 4 years that had only benefited his family and cronies?

H J Angus said...

thanks for your comments.
Do you think it will be so easy to enrich himself now without that 2/3supremacy?

But I think he could be able to give all of us more freedoms to enjoy.

yeappie said...

Of all the perks that were handed to family members and cronies (under the present and previous administrations), how many were actually legislated through the Parliament? All these perks can be given out in a heartbeat without any accountability.

Satu penggal PADE DOH!