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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BN Campaign - Big Time Stealing from the Rak'yat

Nowadays there is some discussion on the role of a caretaker government that runs the routine tasks of adminstration while a nation goes to the polls in a few weeks or a few months.

This will allow the political leaders of the last administration to canvass actively but without the benefit of making use of government machinery and facilities.

But in Malaysia with the "Boleh" mantra some leaders have developed stealing big time from the rakyat into a fine art.

During the past few days the acting government leaders have worked so hard, often going with a few hours of sleep each day that one gets the impression they may not be able to do any good work for a few years untill the next elections. It seems they have promised and created all kinds of incentives if they were returned to power. I wonder what are the legal implications of such moves like the creation of 600 odd promotion grades for Lt-Colonels?

It is done by the government that technically should have no legal standing; much like the millions granted to schools etc. Some legal eagle should bring this up in the courts?

No one criticises them for campaigning so hard.
But they should not be using government facilities to help them get reelected.
Just look at the photo, courtesy of the New Straits Times and you wonder why the DPM has "not changed his lifestyle" and campaigned without using the official plane.

There was a demonstration against rising prices in early 2008 at KLCC where hundreds gathered to protest against rising costs and people were angry at the DPM who once proclaimed that they "should change their lifestlyes". Of course he still needs that executive jet to buzz around.

Can you imagine the difference in lifestyles?
To me the stealing of the rak'yat's monies during an election campaign is reason enough to deny them the 2/3 majority.

There really is little honesty and integrity among the present leaders in the acting government.

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