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Monday, March 3, 2008

Malaysia - It Pays to Become a Politician

Did you know that it's profitable to become an MP?

According to this NST article, a senior minister since 1978 can receive a gratuity of RM251,000 plus a one-time pension of RM59,000.

Isn't that really good money in addition to the perks one gets as an MP?
I wonder how the formula is modified for those who hold more than one portfolio as a minister? Is the person given three gratuities for the different portfolios?
That would be quite a bonanza!

The article also mentions that if a civil servant receives his gratuity before the ACA can convict him for corruption, he gets to keep the gratuity. Considering that the ACA appears to be not too efficient at getting convictions in a timely manner, we should change that law so that the government (taxpayers) can get back the gratuity for any case for corruption if the corrupt practice was committed while in government service.

The gratuity awarded should be a conditional one.

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