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Friday, February 29, 2008

Procrastination and the Decline of Malaysia

Malaysians and Singaporeans share this common failing - we tend to procrastinate a lot.
I believe it has something to do with our predictable climate - we have sunshine every day and it rains every few days. Which means in the old days you could plant some crops and survive even if you are lazy and want to do the minimum of planting crops that will grow all the year round.

Unfortunately this habit of procrastination has encroached into our political life and even though most people will complain about many issues, they still will not make that mind-set change that will put a "x" on that ballot paper and empower a new government to run the nation.

Of course the BN says now is not the time to experiment .

Could you expect them to say anything else?
We can of course procrastinate some more and keep the BN in power with their race-based rhetorics.

We can also create a Brave New Malaysia where our children can grow together and enjoy the rewards of their efforts and not have to struggle overseas as their own country denies them a fair go.

If we consider the following that has been created by 50 years of not changing the government when we have an election, it is important to let others have the chance to show us a better way of doing things :

1.The failure to implement the IPCMC shows a serious problem within the police or the politicians or both.

2.The decline of the integrity of the Judiciary as indicated by the Lingam tapes.

3.The continued secrecy with respect to all the toll agreements that make KL a motorists' nightmare.

3.The precipitous decline of the education system with policy flip-flops that have harmed our children's progress in education.

4.The NEP which continues to enrich cronies and the connected while thousands are deprived of fair opportunities.

The BN government had so many chances to implement NEP programs based on needs and not not race but has opted not to do so. I guess once you get used to "Gucci", it is difficult to use a "Padini".

I'm done with procrastinating. How about you?
The least we should aim for is to get rid of that 2/3 majority and let the opposition run 2 or 3 states so we can check them out.

That way we will get the BN to reform and if they do not do so, we can let them go in the next elections.

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PeterP said...

In 2004, the rakyat ‘experimented’ and gave the BN more than 90% of the seats based on the grand promises thinking that there would be good things to come.

But when we were struggling with the floods, some were feasting on nasi kandar in foreign lands. Whilst we go out of our way to make visitors welcome to Malaysia, ‘Instant Asia’, others go around blowing up tourists with C4. We have repeatedly been told to Cuti, Cuti Malaysia but then some go off for skiing holidays, in Korea no less.

“Work with me, don’t work for me”. Really? Every time we tried to do that, your not quite educated enough, Education Minister waved his keris at us and in a very threatening manner too.

“Tell me the truth” was boldly proclaimed and yet our letters and memos (even from Misisters) are consigned to the dustbin and letters to the one-sided press are not even printed.

The Police, the Judiciary, the economy, the education system, the cost of living, public safety and so many other things are not quite to our expectations.

So he is right you know, this is not the time to “experiment”. The rakyat surely are not masochists.