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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You Have the Power to Help Change Malaysia

Yes the patient called Malaysia is really sick but what are you going to do about it?

The acting PM appears to be unable to cure the patient with his present team and even if he gets another 2/3 majority, do you think the new team will be able to save that critically ill patient?

How did Malaysia become so sick in the first place? We always gave them a blank cheque without any questions asked via the 2/3 majority that allowed the leaders to tinker with all kinds of treatments and diets in the first place.

We encouraged people to get corrupted because we paid too little attention as to how the government spent our monies so long as the nation was at peace and ordinary folks could somehow eke out a living.

Then some bright sparks discovered that there was untold wealth in privatisation or I prefer "piratisation" under the Malaysia Incorporated mantra that spawned a few dozen millionaires and their ilk.

Such "easy money" bandits quickly learned their trade and their network quickly reached the very core of the nation - ie the police, the politicians and the judiciary.

Corruption has spread like a malignant cancer that we need some drastic treatment to some of these organs and the General Elections is one way for you the voter to decide on the treatment.

We can shock those politicians into action. Denying the same team their desired 2/3 majority would be an effective method to send a message to the politicians that we are your masters and that you lead and manage at our pleasure.

Just look at the EC's decision not to use the indelible ink? Was it an elaborate and expensive trick to forestall the actions of groups like mafrel and bersih?
How many injustices of denying Malaysians the basic right to a fair and free elections will it take before you exercise your right and duty to save our nation for our future generations?

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PeterP said...

Yes, save our beautiful country !

Since our ABB will not act as Libya's Gaddafi, we have to do it.

“Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi urged a sweeping reform of government on Sunday, saying most of the cabinet system should be dismantled as it had failed to manage the north Africa's country's windfall oil earnings.”