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Monday, March 24, 2008

CORRUPTION - the Young Only Follow the Leaders

It should not surprise anyone that young adults are prone to being involved in bribery. They are always being told to "change their life-styles" and the TV ads always show what is success but it is all about material goods.

There are religious programs but sadly all the programs cater to only 65% of the population.
This means that 35% of the population are deprived of religious teaching that will help them to be honest and thus this 35% will be influencing the others who may also be struggling to keep clean.

Recent developments like the famous Lingam tapes that reveal weakness in the Judiciary and the IPCMC failure also tend to send the message that "Malaysia is a Corrupt State".

So now we have another bureaucratic body like "Anti-Corruption Secretariat for Institutions of Higher Learning".
It appears that the authorities are willing to wait untill all those involved in serious corrupt practices are dead before they will proclaim "The Anti-corruption Drive has been Successful!"

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