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Monday, March 10, 2008

Managing Expectations and Guerilla Warfare in Malaysia......

No Malaysia is not having any conflict and there is peace and stability in the nation.
At the elections many citizens voted across racial lines just to show the government that they are no longer willing to stay on a boat that was headed towards the Niagara Falls of racism and religious fanaticism.

I think the mistake the BN made was not in the 2008 Elections but in the 2004 campaign when they promised to create Utopia in Malaysia with "Glory, Excellence...." just after emerging from 22 years that saw the Judiciary emasculated, and cronyism raised to the heavens.

There was a promise to eradicate corruption even though no country has succeeded there.

The past 4 years also saw the formation of 2 Royal Commissions - one was completed but the IPCMC was a still-birth while the second is playing out.

Then we have the high profile murder case of Altantuuya whose immigration records were mysteriously erased causing many to wonder how that could happen. Is there an unknown computer virus called "Getting Rid of Records of People You Want Killed?"
We also have those unknown accused except for the names. Will it be possible that if the 2 men are convicted and sentenced to death, they will be replaced when sentence is carried out with 2 illegal immigrants of similar build?

But back to the present scenario. The BN has been returned with 140 out of 222 seats and that is 63% of the seats. The BN should be able to manage with the majority of 29seats. Compared with General Musharraf of Pakistan who has to contend with an opposition Parliament, it should be workable.

Why give anyone the blank check to change the Constitution at will? Look at the massive mess it has created in race and religious interrelations. In fact this government has the opportunity to undo some of those changes with the cooperation of the Opposition.

My point on guerilla warfare in Malaysia is that it was done in Cyber-space and the Opposition won there. MSM was so one-sided that eventually people turned to the WWW to read other views.

This is only the beginning to nurture our democracy. There is no turning back.

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