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Friday, July 25, 2008


These 2 articles in malaysiakini indicate the serious nature of the problems afflicting our nation Malaysia:

"Police prisoners of circumstances under Anwar"
I know readers must be a little fed up when I mention IPCMC but that body would have also protected the police from being manipulated by leaders who have no principles.
Of course we also need to ensure that the most senior posts of the police are held by people of the utmost integrity to ensure that corruption does not rise to the top.

In that sense, the IGP should be somebody who is perceived to be even cleaner than the PM as the latter can be voted out by the people every 4 years but the former can do grave injustice to ordinary folks over many years.

The second article:
"PM confirms power share deal with PAS"
shows the extent to which UMNO is prepared to go to remain in power. The action indicates that it operates on a simple principle that it will do anything to retain political power. It seems that the decison to let the state keep their expensive toys is akin to the hasty RM1bil grants each to Sabah and Sarawak to them the 2 states within the BN.

There is an excellent article by Dr Collin Abraham on
"Ombudsman for national unity reforms"
http://www.malaysiakini.com/opinions/86663 about a national unity government to get Malaysia out of its sorry and sad state of affairs and maybe Raja Nazrin's recent comments about the royals being more involved in nation-building bears serious consideration as politicians have been given too much leeway by everyone.

Now it is up to each and every one of us to save Malaysia from impending doom. I think our Doomsday clock is now half past eleven.


It is 12:30am here and my wife and I arrived from Singapore after an 18-hour flight via Incheon, South Korea.

All we did in South Korea was get off the plane with all our belongings, get a transit pass and then do a walk-around back to the plane but through another security screening.
It seems quite a waste of time as if you manage to get on the plane the first time with whatever dangerous stuff you plan to do, you would not wait to go through another security screening.

At Changi, I did not have any issues with the hand-carry, but at Incheon, they wanted me to open the bag. I guess my binoculars looked suspicious using different equipment to scan or the person checking wanted to make sure.

Incheon is a relatively new airport and was completed in 2001. You can read their first annual report here:

The taxi ride from Vancouver airport to downtown cost C$40 and we needed a larger cab. Staying one night at the Historic Ramada on West Pender St. The hotel does not look impressive from the exterior but inside it is quite nice. The original hotel was built in 1918.

Later this evening we are boarding the Veendam, a cruise ship of the Holland America Line and we will sail to Anchorage, Alaska where we will drive to Fairbanks and back via Vadez, the scene of the Esso major oil spill some years ago. We expect to see plenty of ice on the voyage and the trip.

It is kind of a dream trip for me. When I got my scholarship to study in the UK in the late 60s, the original plan of the company was to send my colleague and I by ship and in those days that meant a 30-day sail via the Suez canal. They changed their minds when the time came and I felt a little cheesed off. Besides that was the first time I flew in a plane on such a long trip. It was the third flight, the first 2 were from Subang to Ipoh(balik kampong) and back just before I left Malaysia.

I'm not sure how convenient or cheap it will be surf the Net on the ship so don't know when I will post next.

Fantastic day in Vancouver. Clear and sunny skies with temperature of 18C. We arrived at 12:45pm local time and I went to sleep after dinner at about 9:30pm as too jet-lagged and now I will try to get back to sleep at 1am. Hope tomorrow my system would have adjusted to the new time zone.

Vancouver is a beautiful city with a fantastic location but if you walk about, you will notice that the streets are quite dirty with many cigarette butts all over the place. There is a city law that states no one is allowed to smoke within 6meters of a building entrance so that forces all smokers out on the streets.

PERDANA vs MERCEDES - the Battle of the TITANS?

There seems to be a lot of hot air being generated by the Mercedes Benz purchase by the Terengganu state government as depicted by this story in malaysiakini:

"T'ganu gets PM's nod for Mercedes"

There are a few reports in NST about how the maintenance costs of Perdanas should not be as much as RM100k per car. Yes that amount is simply absurd unless one changes the engine and gear-box each year. I am going to guess that a brand new car should cost less than RM15k per annum unless the car is driven on rough roads on a 24/7 basis.

This is the article from the NST:

" Impossible to have cost so much to maintain the Perdana Executive V6, say Proton dealers"

The article mentions several crashes as being included in the maintenance costs.

If that is the case buying a Mercs will not reduce the bill. They should consider getting better drivers.

I wonder if the PM has granted his blessing to appease the state assemblymen as they could all abandon the BN and join PAS or the PKR. So this could be the state that could tip the balance against the federal government.

Let's wait and see if the ACA comes up with any smoking gun this round. Maybe everyone in high office in all states will soon get a Mercedes too. Just produce your bills to justify.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DOOMSDAY for Malaysia?

Just read many of the comments in malaysiakini and Lim Kit Siangs's blog and you will find a common thread:

Many Malaysians have a poor outlook for Malaysia and some even feel we are headed towards the level of Zimbabwee, another nation where the leader has resorted to criminal acts to retain power.

We are slightly more refined and you can read about our style in this article from malaysiakini:
"Umno-PAS rule in S'gor - 'Anwar ruined it'"
Nothing really wrong about political parties plotting to remain in power.....it is up to the citizens to reject parties that have been harping on race and religion and promoting extremism in their efforts and it heartening to note that more Malaysians are embracing and supporting multi-racial parties like PKR and the DAP.

So what is the Doomsday scenario for Malaysia? Maybe in 15 years time after the construction of the nuclear power plant with sub-standard construction materials and mediocre maintenance, we will produce the first nuclear melt-down in Asia. Will the fall-out end in China?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Before We Build that FIRST NUCLEAR Plant....

Ok I may not be around to see that major milestone if 10 years is the time-frame or if I'm around I may not be able to comment on it.

According to this article in malaysiakini :
"TNB looking at building first nuclear plant"

the Cabinet has directed TNB to look into the first nuclear plant.
According to the article,
"Mohamad said the taskforce was discussing the plant's location and how to source uranium, adding Tenaga anticipated the public could object to the plant.
"A lot has to be done to change the public mindset when it comes to nuclear," he said."

Maybe if the public mindset is changed correctly, most Malaysians may decide it is better to change the government first before we take the major risk of going nuclear.

Let's site this plant in Putrajaya for safety reasons.

Governments Cannot SURVIVE with PLOTS

All governments that want to manage a nation properly cannot be engaged in plots; especially those of a political nature.

All political parties that are in power need to prepare for the day when they no longer rule but have to play the important task of being in opposition.

Remember your mother used to say, "Don't tell lies for you will have to tell many lies after that"? Maybe that is what has happened to the present government that has failed to live up to its proclaimed slogan of "Transparency, Integrity and Good Governance" or something like that.

Just read the various article in malaysiakini and you will perceive that more and more people are getting fed up with the attempts to nail Anwar on the latest sodomy charge.
This letter in malaysiakini says it all:
"A web of questions without answers"

If you are an ordinary citizen it seems that the burden of innocence is yours to be proved but if you a big-shot, well it seems only the PR activities by the authorities are necessary.

The DNA Database - Giving UNFETTERED Power to the Executive

See how quickly they want to rush a new law on the DNA Database?
Already we all know the balance of power in our nation has been skewed in favour of the executive.

Many perceive that the judiciary and the law enforcement authorities are all beholden to the Executive and now they propose that they been given greater powers to bring criminals to justice.

In a normal well-balanced system, the use of DNA may help to solve cases faster but when so many questions are being asked about the integrity of various and several government departments, I suggest the proposed DNA database law can be easily abused by a corrupt system.

There is an interesting letter on DNA published in malaysiakini:
"Right to DNA test must rest with individual"

I read that according to the Penal Code, it is unlawful for anyone to forcibly take DNA samples. I guess in the old days, the police used to incriminate suspects by planting DNA evidence and therefore such a law was enacted. Any legal experts please advise.

Just to indicate 2 incidents that show our systems have many serious defects:
  1. The 2 suspects in the Altantuuya case are from the special forces and their motive for the murder is unclear.
  2. The C4 used could have been taken out from the ammunitions store without record as they do not check surplus material that has been returned to the store.

We all know that the present charge against Anwar may be tried based on DNA evidence. Therefore it appears that the haste to pass the DNA Act without consulting civil liberties groups is politically motivated.

But since when did the government bother about civil rights anyway?

Monday, July 21, 2008

The PROTON Saga...Is the Very Name a Curse?

I am against any government company that is not operated on free market principles unless it really is for national security reasons.

Now we all know that our car company has been protected from competition since its conception and the car buyers have been made to bear its inefficiencies as described in this letter from malaysiakini:

"Proton will not change for the better"

I don't really know much about the products and the company; just 2 examples indicate the calibre of people we have at the top management:

  1. The purchase of MV Augusta shares for a few hundred million ringgit and then selling it off for one Euro.
  2. The changing of "the power windows four times (driver's side) and once each on the other doors. I paid RM430 for the first two replacements. The cables would snap or the plastic material would break and you cannot replace the single part. You have to replace the whole unit. I resorted to opening the door to pay my toll or parking tickets instead of winding down the window".

The next time you are waiting to pay your toll just observe what brand of car is involved when you see the driver open the door to pay toll instead of winding down the window! I drive a 10-year old Camry and still wind down the power window although I do not pay as much toll as Klang residents.

Maybe the name Proton is not apt as a modern car manufacturer. It appears way too primitive. I guess with all their ISO certs, the proton quality people may be too busy filing complaint feedback to do anything serious about improving the product quality.

Just imagine that. They should put back the mechanical windows and that will/should last the lifetime of the car and also reduce costs.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Need for the PM to Comment on Anwar's Case - If only they had Implemented the IPCMC

The Home Minister is having a tough job to convince most Malaysians that the latest "sodomee" case is real and not conceived of political expediency especially when the accuser was seen in photos with various ministers and also having sought advice from the DPM.

We all read how the soiled mattress was dragged into court with fabricated samples but this was enough to get a guilty verdict returned.

Now even the PM has to chip in about the DNA sample as mentioned in this article from malaysiakini:

"Existing DNA sample too old, says PM"

If only the authorities had implemented the IPCMC the public would have more confidence in the proper course of justice.
Isn't this so very obvious?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Government is not "so stupid or unimaginative"? That's Really Begging the Question

I find this article in malaysiakini interesting:

"Dr M: Sodomy again? Gov't not so stupid"

Well after almost 40 years of BN rule of which 22 years were under his thumb, I suppose TDM should be the best person to answer his own question.
Some writers have commented that Malaysians have been "sodomised" for so long by the government with major corruption casting an intricate web across major departments like the police, the judiciary and immigration and also involving politicians, it should be no major surprise that in his own words, we are been saddled with a "half-past six" government.

Don't forget who passed the baton to the present PM and who also now is claiming hs first choice at that time will never become the PM. If we check all the constitutional amendments I am sure most of them were made during the last 20 years.

Apart from the major destruction to the intricate balance between the Executive and the Judiciary, Malaysia's human capital has been subject to wanton wastage with tens of thousands of young Malaysians leaving the nation.

This has been going on for many years and a major change is that even talented Malays prefer not to come back as they can see the rot in the system and don't know how or if the nation can change for the better.
So stupid or unimaginative may be an apt description. After all if you hold political power, other qualities are not really necessary. That is the sad truth.

Time for the PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR in PDRM to Do Damage Control?

I believe PDRM has a senior officer in charge of Public Relations.
I suggest it is time he or she gets down to some serious work to repair the damage to the image of the PDRM with respect to the following incidents:

  1. The massive traffic jams in KL after Parliament was deemed a "No Go" zone by the police.
  2. The arrest of Anwar before the 2pm deadline.

You can read the story of the latter from the malaysiakini article here:

"CID chief defends Anwar's arrest"


According to the article, Anwar was arrested because

"He was arrested as we had reason to believe he was not going to show up. We wish to point out that Anwar had initially agreed to meet us on Monday but failed to keep his appointment."

The arrest in whichever location would have been less damaging to the police image if they had waited untill 2pm. After all it would have taken just another hour and they can afford to wait another hour to show that Anwar would not keep his word.

By acting hastily, the police damage their credibility and more people will lose faith in the PDRM. After all, the alleged act can of sodomy hardly be a threat to national security unlike the murder that is linked to defense contract payments.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Are We WASTING So Much Energy on this LAW?

Thanks to malaysiakini and the MSM we are getting a revision on the laws of sodomy:

You can read a brief description here:

The word sodomy come from the biblical word "Sodom" one of the sin cities that was destroyed by God and so it is a practice that is as old as mankind.

This law was probably enacted in the 60s and perhaps it is time to revise the law.
If you read the Penal Code Section 377CA carefully, it appears that even if you use sex toys like vibrators and dildos on your wife or husband you can be liable to 20 years jail and whipping.

Singapore too had such a "victorian" law on oral sex but the law was repealed a few years ago - maybe that explains the slight population boom as couples experimented more.

The law as it stands also implies that the recipient of such "an object" may not enjoy the insertion but I suggest some do like to receive.

Even LKY suggested that homosexuals may have a inherent trait and Singapore now appears to tolerate gays as long as they do not disturb the peace. So there is no official sanction but they are merely allowed to co-exist.

Maybe Malaysia too should become more tolerant of gays. I wonder how much taxpayers' monies is spent by the police to harass them.

Maybe the law should be changed and words like "forcibly" should be included. Sex between consenting adults should not be the subject of any legislation.
BTW with so many cops barricading KL roads, did anyone spot any of the missing children?
Now let's get the MPs to debate this law in a civilised manner for us.

Arresting ANWAR - A Hasty Move by the Police

Coming so soon after they subjected tens of thousands of KL dwellers to hour-long delays with the security blockade of Parliament, the police are not doing their public image any good with the arrest of Anwar outside his house as described in this malaysiakini article:

"Anwar arrested outside his house"

This comes after the televised press conference where the CID chief gave him up to 2pm to report or the police would take other options. According to the malaysiakini article the police were waiting to arrest him at 12:55pm.

Maybe the police want to show how powerful they are but to me this is a misguided effort. We have wasted so much resources like "a convoy of 15 cars" when a more suitable approach would have been to send 1 car to accompany his car to the police station.
The arrest is unnecessary unless the police had reliable information that he was not going to report in.

One cannot but suspect this rough approach may be the reaction to his earlier presence at the ACA HQ.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The GREAT DEBATE on TV - WELL DONE to All Involved.

I'm not sure how much of this info was used to spice up the debate that was televised live on Bernama.

"Petronas posts record profit of RM61 bil"

I am sure how all those struggling with higher fuel costs will receive such good news in malaysiakini as Petronas' profits has increased by RM14.6bil, up 31.5%.
In any company that would be considered sterling results.

But back to the debate between the Information Minister and Anwar Ibrahim. The debate was conducted in a civilised manner with good exchanges and the winner was.......Well it depends on which side you support.

Both speakers are good but I felt Anwar's public speaking skills were better and he seemed surer about his arguments.

The biggest winner is the government that allowed such a debate to take place as it enables all Malaysians to see that we can agree to disagree in a proper manner.

The next step of progress towards an informed citizenry would be to have a series of such debates for the next general elections.

Come to think about it, we should encourage such debates for anyone seeking public office like the Presidency of UMNO or even becoming the next Prime Minister.


Did you watch the movie "The Last King of Scotland"?
It was a bloody movie about one of the dictators of Africa, Idi Amin who lorded over Uganda.

That person did everything to stay in power.
That is what all politicians do as Rule No.1. Don't believe for a moment that they will willingly give up power for the sake of the nation, the race or the religion.

Opposition: PM's transition plan a 'stunt'

The malaysiakini article gives the reasons why the PM has announced his retirement deadline and most of it is probable. I doubt if anyone will quit and go off with such an ignominous ending.
Remember Rule No.1?

Why do I have such a heading? I think it is possible that AAB may be the last President of an UMNO that rules the nation for some years to come . Do you think with such a transition plan UMNO will be able to rally its members for a strong campaign in the next General Elections?
Unless the "dirty tricks" warehouse is emptied, I do not expect the BN to win the next GE. But if they start reforms now, it is possible that better leaders will emerge who will be able to target the federal government again in 2016.

SURELY We Should Not Inconvenience Thousands on Such Flimsy Intelligence?

'Opposition did plan demo today'

Apparently the authorities decided that a demonstration was to be held around the Parliament based on the following:
" This was based on "two political speeches, two blogs and two SMS (text-messages)", he said in parliament." as taken from the article in malaysiakini.

It is astonishing that KL residents have been put to such inconvenience and causing parts of the city to become gridlocked. What a way to remind the motorists that fuel is now so expensive than to subject them to hour-long traffic jams.

I think most of the residents in KL would prefer that better police work would have involved interviewing the speakers and the blog writers to determine if the demo was real or just causing the police to jump at shadows. As for the SMSes, they could also trace the origin and check out the authors.

It is unfair to involve the police in such political sparring and I daresay that the public is becoming tired of antics by both sides. One day the motorists might decide to show their displeasure by creating their own traffic jam.

Perhaps the only way out of the political quicksand is to have a snap elections? Hmmmm.....but I doubt if the government want to do that with the economic woes.

photo: thanks to malaysiakini

Monday, July 14, 2008

MalaysiaWatch Enters its Fourth Year Soon....

Thanks to malaysiakini who published many letters of mine in the early years and many bloggers who have linked me to their sites, this blog will be entering its 4th year soon.

The most notable change in Malaysia is that more Malaysians are now open to the possibility of change as seen in the many letters published in malaysiakini and also MSM.

Of course the discussions on the Net are more direct and can sometimes be quite rude.

We all need to learn how to discuss issues in a civilised manner.

To mark the end of the third year of blogging, here is the first article I wrote in MalaysiaWatch-


I have also made a Poll in green on the left column to enable you to provide some feedback so I can improve my blogging skills. I will be away for about 3 weeks and may not be able to write updates. Meanwhile thanks for visiting and keep Malaysia safe.

LOSING RM350M Just on Some PROTON Whims?

This feature in malaysiakini should qualify as the financial blooper of the decade:
"Agusta: Proton sells for RM5, Harley buys for RM350 mil"

I wonder how our whizz kids made the decision to give away the company for free after having spent more than RM368m to purchase the company in 2004.
Within 2 years the Proton board decided to write off the entire investment.

Who is going to awswer the tough questions as to how this came about and who were the consultants?
I know most Malaysians feel that Proton as a car is hadly giving them a good ride but this multi-million write-off is really taking us all for a very expensive ride.

IMMIGRATION CASE - Time to Re-Look the ATANTUUYA Connection?

It is a fact that the Immigration records of Altantuuya were deleted but surprisingly the DG was not asked to explain at the murder case.
That created a major puzzle for many Malaysians.

You can read the about the ongoing probe in this malaysiakini article:
"20 nabbed so far in visa scam sweep"

Now that the ACA seems to have uncovered a web of corruption that involves senior officers in the department, it is important that possible links to the murder case be investigated.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

GRAFT in Any Department is a "National Security" PROBLEM

malaysiakini has this story:
Immigration graft a 'national security problem': ACA chief

It gives the impression that graft is only a "national security" problem in the immigration department.

My opinion is that high-level graft in any department can affect our national security.

For example:

  1. Defense: Purchase of inferior weapons because of bribery can affect national security.
  2. Foreign Affairs: National secrets can be sold to foreign agents
  3. Works and Public Utilities: Sub-standard work can affect the safety and security of thousands.
  4. Home Affairs: Issue of Mykad to illegals.
Can you think how other areas can affect national security?

It is hoped that the ACA will probe this immigration case to its ultimate conclusion and not transfer under it under the ISA so that the public will learn what it takes to reduce corruption within the government.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

SYABAS ACA! Is it Time to Expand the Prison Network?

Just soon after the AG has been removed from their chain of command the ACA has been swift to get into action as featured in this malaysiakini article:

"Another senior immigration officer nabbed by ACA"

It only shows that with the political will of the leaders, corruption can be checked and reduced to a more tolerable level. I won't say eliminated as even Singapore has not been able to achieve that.

The bad news is that with a tainted immigration system, Malaysia is also under the spotlight by the UK authorities and we may soon be required to apply for visas.
I suggest that the ACA should also check if the arrested officers had any links to those who provided documents to the thousand of illegals in Sabah. It is possible that some were serving in the Registration Department before.

Well done ACA! Keep up the good work and I am sure most Malaysians will support your efforts.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why Only for KL Folks? JB Too Needs Better PUBLIC TRANSPORT

"KL folks promised better public transport"

It is good that a proposal has already been submitted to the Cabinet on ways to improve public transport in KL as described in the above malaysiakini article.

It is hoped that good transport principles will also be applied to other cities like Ipoh, Penang, Seremban and Johor Bahru.

Soemtimes it does not take any extra capital like special buses to make a big difference in the service levels.
For example in JB, the buses that ferry thousands of travellers each day from Singapore can only stop at Kota Raya or Larkin and this means a commuter has to walk about 800 meters from the Immigration exit to the major bus stop opposite City Square.

All that it needs is a simple administrative adjustment to allow these buses to disembark passengers at the City Square stop and that would be a major improvement for commuters. To reduce traffic congestion, allow alternate buses to take this diversion.

Perhaps the MP for JB could look into this matter as part of the Consumer Affairs Ministry.

We Should SUPPORT the PM on this MOVE......

While the handover plan must surely suck for it is really undemocratic despite the praises the Aussie PM has heaped on Malaysia, this is one move Malaysians will welcome as featured in this malaysiakini article:

"Anti-Corruption Agency gets prosecution powers"

It is interesting to note that this announcement is made on the day that the AG himself and the IGP have been called up for questioning by the ACA in connection with the Anwar Ibrahim case ten years ago.

For the system to work without unnecessary delays on the protocols, it is important that the head of the ACA must enjoy the rank equivalent to that of the IGP.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is THAT the Best UMNO Can Manage?

"PM to retire in 2 years, Najib will take over"

I wonder why top UMNO leaders are so afraid of leadership contests. Already we have seen how depending on power brokers and the so-called "handover" to the President's choice has afflicted our nation with the present leadership crisis for the past four years.

We have been promised much but little has been actually delivered. In fact the most important reform program, the IPCMC has been buried somewhere in Putrajaya or has it also been blown up with C4?

Just look at how the Democratic Party of the USA makes the selection for the Presidential contest. The established versus the new kid on the block. After about nine months of a gruelling campaign Obama could become the first black President of the USA.

I guess that is why it is called "the land of the free". Incidentally if your father was the President of the USA, it does not mean you would make a good President. Just look at George Bush - what a mess he is leaving behind. As the saying goes, "Like father, like son."

Maybe UMNO is just hoping the economy will turn before the next elections. Or it could become history soon.

PM to Announce Handover Date? Perhaps the Solution is to DECLARE Emergency Rule

I find the malaysiakini story rather incredulous:
"PM to declare no contest for Umno top 2"

By preventing suitable candidates from challenging for posts, UMNO becomes a party that is feudalistic and not a democratic party.
If the PM makes an announcement of his retirement plan, he becomes a "lame duck" PM and would not be inclined to implement the urgent reforms that are necessary for Malaysia to get out of the downward spiral.

Now if he declares an emergency and takes action to fulfill all the promises he made to Malaysians for the first time he won the elections as the PM, I am sure most Malaysians will be prepared to support him for another 2 years of tough reforms.

Already PKR is planning their "no confidence" motion. UMNO does not have the luxury of 2 more years of "same old" and a snap election appears possible.
I don't think Malaysians will support the notion of emergency rule if it is just to keep the BN in power.

Throwing BRICKS at Pempena but Don't Forget about the Other BRICKS Place

"Azalina: Probe into Pempena deals"

malaysiakini has the above article about the alleged corruption in the Tourism Ministry. This shows the importance of not keeping any minister too long in a particular ministry as corrupt practices tend to become easier with familiarity.

Ministers should also serve in the various ministries if they want to progress further and I would expect a stint in the following at least as a Deputy-Minister:
  1. Education
  2. Defence
  3. Trade
  4. Finance
  5. Agriculture
The article mentioned "internal auditors" who report back to the management that appointed them. It is preferable to appoint forensic auditors who report to the Minister who then reports to Parliament.

Since we are on the subject of "bricks" we should also ask how much monies was spent in total in direct and indirect costs of the failed sports complex in London?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A PLUS Point for the PM.....

I know I have been quite critical of our PM but he deserves some merit for not being vindictive in this particular case as reported in malaysiakini:

"GLCs need not be led by Umno members: PM"

Some of you will think, "Yeah, he probably does not want to needle TDM more than necessary, seeing there is a lot of ill-feeling on both sides.

Or is this a good example of the saying:"You need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer".

Anyone who does not belong to UMNO and thinks he or she is more qualified can now write in to the PM and plead your case. But there is no guarantee of an appointment to this post. Any takers?

malaysiakini and the CHALLENGES Ahead

Well done to malaysiakini for being the most frequented web-site in Malaysia!
The failure of MSM to provide fair and unbiased reporting is a major contributor to your success.

Now that you have been accredited by the Information Ministry, it is important you do not deviate from the independent viewpoint that all Malaysians support. Once you start sounding like the MSM, that will be the beginning of the end.

To all the staff of malaysiakini , SYABAS for a job well done. I notice that the quality of proof-reading and English has also improved; the latest being the extra "f" in the earlier lead on
Sodomy: Anwar turns to Syariah court
(as in "cleared off" should have been "cleared of")

But what am I quibbling for? You are the best in Malaysia. KEEP IT UP!


Do you remember the hit song from ABBA?

That song could be adapted for Malaysia's IPPs going from the table of profits.

You can get the full article from the article in malaysiakini:
"MPs query 'extreme profits' for IPPs"
It is good that a BN MP has been able to ask the question but ever so politely.
The Deputy-Minister's reply was not that satisfactory and he justified the subsidy to the IPPs by suggesting that with the subsidy the power rates had been kept low.

"Because of this, the ‘subsidies’ or gas price discounts... actually do not benefit the IPPs but the end-users in the form of low electricity tariffs," said Devamany.
I guess he forgot to mention, or does not realise that TNB is required to buy whatever the IPP supplies and thus the IPP can keep building excess power plants and then TNB is required to buy even if its own plants are running below optimum levels. In other words, there is no cap on the IPP's profits as they have a cheap supply of gas.

YTL Power's profits too may not all come from electricity. I believe a major portion of the profit is from a successful water company in the UK.

To me IPPs should not be the only companies to be placed under the microscope. Water and toll companies should also be tightly scrutinised as they impact directly the costs of living.

Toll companies as they have been kept too secret for so long and water companies as water is Nature's gift and any company that is given the concession should not be allowed obscene profits. Furthermore I feel water companies should be state-owned like what Ranhill Utilities was at the beginning of the IPO about 6 years ago. They had noble intentions but quickly gave way to corporate greed and today not many Johoreans own a share in the company as they did not pay a single sen in dividend for 3 years after the IPO and yet the company made impressive profits.

I don't think plantation companies should be subject to windfall tax as they create wealth through hard work and research development. Perhaps they should be required to provide better facilities for their workers. Some of the smaller companies are quite poor in this respect and that is why only foreign workers take up jobs in estates.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When the going gets TOUGH, the TOUGH MUST Get GOING - NO Use Complaining

"Pak Lah, just get the job done"

This is an excellent letter from malaysiakini.
Watching the PM deliver his speech to his department was quite painful and I suggest he needs a better scriptwriter.

No use complaining about people telling lies and the unconvincing attempt to equate slander with treason. I wonder who gave him that particular slant? It was really pathetic.
In fact he should spend less energy on such a useless pep(?) talk to his staff - I am sure most of them too feel the pain when he makes such a speech. It is a downer right at the beginning of the day!

I remember towards the end of the first term there was some reference to half-time in a football match and the way things are, there will be no extra time.
The time for action is NOW - no action should have taken place one year ago before the present political quicksand engulfed our nation.

There is some hint of emergency rule (a reason for SAPP's climb down) but that would be a major disaster for Malaysia unless it is an integral part of the action to fulfill all the promises of the first time he won with more than 90% support of the people.

Who SAYs Sunday's PROTEST was a FAILURE?

By any account, getting more than 10,000 folks to spend a Sunday just to tell the government that they are suffering is a major feat.

They had to travel far, go through various police check-points and then spend hours in a crowded stadium. This is a major departure from the usual outing of "lepaking" in an air-conditioned shopping mall.

For me I would not want to be in such a place as the police had not issued their permit and were ready for any trouble; started by their usual order to disperse or any trouble from the crowd.
Thankfully sanity prevailed on both sides - the police allowed the crowd to carry on with their peaceful though sometimes noisy activities.

Given the sentiments of the Home Minister about such gatherings as indicated in this malaysiakini feature, it appears that he was instructed by the PM to allow the gathering to proceed as the organisers had agreed to shift the venue on the advice of the police.

"Najib calls anti-oil hike rally a failure"

I believe this is a good move by the authorities. It is much easier to manage a compliant crowd of protesters than simply giving them a dose of tear gas, water cannon and baton charge. Apart from the physical injuries to innocent onlookers, the PR damage to the government is much higher.

The next step is for the police to grant the permit for anyone who wants to organise a gathering at an approved venue like a stadium, away from the bustling city streets where business can be adversely affected. Only then will we see if the people still want to send the government a strong message.

Maybe we can even hold such gatherings on a regular basis. Like on alternate months, the BN will hold a rally and the PR will hold on the other months.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I always believe that Malayisa will progress better if the silent majority begin to take a more active role in politics or the nations's progress will be hijacked for the interests of only the few.

This is an angry letter from one of those people sent to malaysiakini:

"Don't misjudge us silent majority"

I am sure the silent majority is also upset at the leadership or some will claim the lack of it of the present PM who seems rather indecisive about important issues that have plagued the nation for many years.

To enable readers to offer feedback to the PM, there is the poll (in orange) on the left column and so far 1279 readers have taken the poll.

The results show the following:

  1. 47% or 607 readers suggest "The Game is Over - Go Gracefully"
  2. 53% or 672 believe that he should continue in the office with different tasks he should focus on:
  3. 19% or 237 chose "Make the Judicial Review and IPCMC the First Business in Parliament"
  4. 16% or 202 chose "Bring Your Predecessor to Justice"
  5. 12% or 154 chose "Step Up Reforms by Doubling the Speed"
  6. 6% or 79 felt "Carry on as normal. You are Doing Fine"
It is interesting to note the following:
Before the recent fuel hike , only 36% felt he should step down but in recent weeks another 11% (total) picked this choice.
Also items 4 and 5 were almost level but now the difference is greater.
Overall, there is still some hope that the PM will finally deliver on his promises.

Time for Moderate Malaysians to Make their Views Known

Malaysia is facing some serious challenges and unless more moderate Malaysians make their views known, the nation could be in serious trouble.

The latest public demonstration in Kelana Jaya shows that peaceful demonstrations can have a proper place in modern society; especially when the ordinary folks do not have access to their MPs and other national figures.

You can read this story from malaysiakini here:

Even if the police may have dissuaded many from attending what they "deemed" an illegal gathering, the completion of this event without a major incident shows that Malaysians are still a peaceable people.

We should commend both the PR leadership and the Police for exercising restraint and providing the opportunity to prove that we can have a peaceful protest.

I am sure our top leaders know what are the main issues that we need to face - unresolved corruption, the leadership succession challenges, the failure of the education systems. No need for me to repeat the litany of issues.

We need more moderate men and women in high places to make their views known so that the whole nation will be able to see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel

Sunday, July 6, 2008

MISSING....Another Case for Malaysia's X-FILES

So the PI with 2 conflicting SDs has disappeared with his family.

The police too are looking for him as they want to ask him questions about the SDs but no one knows his whereabouts.

You can read the malaysiakini story here:

Already our courts are busy with so many cases and the backlog is causing delays in our justice system.

Maybe we should turn to our young children to help us solve this problem in critical thinking skills:

I imagine the age group would be teenagers perhaps 15 or 16 years old.

Here is the problem:

A man makes a sworn statement that a very important person has committed various serious offences. He then goes to the police station to make a report. Then the next day he makes a complete retraction.

What do you think?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"What a DIFFERENCE a Day Makes" or the Case of the DISAPPEARING PI

Older readers may recall the old song sung by one of the crooners like Dean Martin and the Bala case of the conflicting SDs could be the title of a story of the Perry Mason series.

But this is really a sad case and this PI is in some serious trouble unless he can prove he was mentally not here when he made one of the SDs.

You can read the malaysiakini story here:

The first SD was so detailed and contained something like 20 odd statements of claim and now he has made another SD with exactly the same details but in the negative version.
Obviously something is seriously wrong here.

With so many details, it is possible that one or two claims are not properly worded but disclaiming 100% of all the details seems incredulous.
The police must probe this case and provide a plausible reason that can be believed. At the moment the public is wondering about what could have transpired at the police station.

In the photos of the second SD, one can see that Bala is clearly a worried man.
He definitely looks under great stress at the PC of the second SD; with arms folded, a grim look on his face and even the cap indicates he is trying to disguise himself.

MALAYSIA's SORRY STATE of Affairs......

No this is not another story from malaysiakini where you can read some serious stuff about the political problems in Malaysia.

Today I would highlight a story from the Star:
"No milk for 700,000 students"

To me that seems like a lot of poor students who have been deprived of possibly their major source of daily protein as some of them come from really poor families.
No wonder many poorer students get poor grade in schools.

Instead of just suspending the program for goodness knows how long, I suggest that the students be given UHT milk that can be bought from various supermarkets. These do not require refrigeration that seems to a contributing factor to the milk contamination.

No doubt the government can save RM25m a year but the benefits for the poor are much greater than that.

Now if Malaysia cannot manage a long-standing milk distribution program for poor students, how capable are we to operate a nuclear power plant?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Politicians Come and Go But We NEED INTEGRITY in the Law Enforcement Agencies

Yes that is basic necessity for any nation to progress and prosper.
Many will say that these two agencies have become tainted during the past 35 odd years and all citizens share part of the blame.

After we elect MPs to office we need to keep them as honest as possible to look after our interests and the greater good. If we keep on re-electing lousy MPs and corrupt political parties to run the government, the system tends to decay. Ask any first year engineering student about the basic law of entropy and the decay process.

malaysiakini has the story:
"Police to probe PI's statutory declarations"

I would not hold my breath for any satisfactory outcome as the police have yet to adopt the long-delayed IPCMC that would enable them to regain some of the lost public confidence. Similarly we are also waiting for the Judicial Commission to be established.

Even if PKR is able to take over the government we must always maintain vigilance so that our country can get back on the proper track to progress. Malaysians have been too complacent about the political process - isn't it time we grow up a little?

Lies, Lies and MORE Lies......?

This guy deserves the third degree for wasting everyone's time.
Maybe a stint at the Taman Bahagia hospital would be more appopriate.

He now claims that the first SD was "under duress" but what is there to come back tomorrow and claim that this second SD is also under duress?

You can read the second SD at malaysiakini's

Some lawyers are getting wealthy with so many SDs but perhaps the Bar should caution them that the SD should explain more fully about the source and type of duress.
This SD is just a total disclaimer of the all the details of the first SD.

We must get to the bottom of this conspiracy or the conspiracy's bottom?

Handling the MEDIA - a MAJOR Test for Leaders

Following malaysiakini's lead, MSM has been playing catch-up and national leaders now have little time to prepare for important press conferences which are relayed quickly to websites so that people are kept informed as quickly as possible.

It is a major challenge for the media companies as today's news is history by tomorrow and if you are late to your viewers, you will be perceived as slow as your news is stale.

Just observe in recent days after the RPK's SD, the Anwar sodomy charge and the latest one by Bala, the MSM has been reacting faster and politicians now do not have the luxury of having days before a news reporter will ask the questions about the hottest happening.

To their credit, the top leaders too have responded quickly to the new challenge but not always to their advantage.

Although I have at times been critical of the PM's ability to speak well, he did better in the latest press conference by telling reporters that his deputy would be holding his own press conference and the Atantuuya case was "sub judice". That answer gave the reporters no avenue to ask more questions.

To me the DPM fared less well although he possesses a higher level of the English language. In this malaysiakini article headed:
" Najib denies affair with Altantuya"
the article goes:
On whether he conspired or attempted to cover up the murder, Najib reiterated: "No, absolutely not because I never, never met her at all."

Notice the use of a double negative separated by a comma. If you watch the video of the PC, he speaks as if there is no comma. He would leave us with less doubt about the truth if he had uttered. "...because I never, repeat never met her at all."

Then there is the disclosure that indeed he had met Saiful just before the latter made his police report.
In the other malaysiakini article:
"I am saying it because there has never been a conspiracy, you can't link the two things together. He just came for help, that's all and he never met me when he came to my office," said the deputy premier.

By failing to own up right at the very beginning, the DPM has lost much credibilty. He should have revealed this the moment the report against Anwar was lodged.

There is a very old saying "Honesty is the best policy" and I think it still applies today if the media is play a role in the new age of Knowledge. If you tell a lie, it can always come back to haunt you or you will need to tell another lie to cover up the first lie and after a series of lies you will forget which lie you told and when you told it.

Your life becomes a LIE.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A WARNING for the PM - a BAD Idea to Bring In the Troops

Public protests in Malaysia have usually been peaceful untill the police turn it into a chaotic situation when they disperse the crowd with water cannon, tear gas and other bully tactics.

For example we have seen the Bersih marches and even Hindraf rallies were not violent events untill the police unleashed their weapons of mass terror. Ironically all the equipment is paid for by the very people who are demonstrating.

It would be more statemanlike for our top politicians to allow the ordinary folks to vent their frustration at a peaceful rally rather than try to prevent it.

I find the suggestion by the IGP in poor taste as he seems lost in trying to handle the protest to be held on 6th July.
Opposition to his remarks were carried in this malaysiakini article:
"Soldiers told to stay in the barracks"

If the PM is not careful, those soldiers may decide to take control of the whole situation and not return to their barracks. Even in Turkey there is a story unfolding about a military plot.

Can a POLICE Report Simply Leave out InConvenient Details?

We have been reeling from so many unpleasant incidents, from the tainting of our judiciary to the allegations that the IGP and the AG "fabricated evidence".

Some of these could be avoided if we had the IPCMC that the nation spent months to generate but now seems to be probably used as a door-stop somewhere in Putrajaya.

Now comes the latest shocker as revealed in this malaysiakini article on theAltantuuya case:

The latest SD by the PI employed by one of the accused mentions that
"49. They then proceeded to record my statement from 8.30 am to 6pm everyday for seven consecutive days. I told them all I knew including everything Abdul Razak Baginda and Aminah had told me about their relationships with Najib Razak but when I came to sign my statement, these details had been left out."

Why should the recording officer omit important details from his statement? Isn't it up to the investigating officer to check these out to see if the lead is important? Even as you read this, the ACA has been tasked with probing Anwar's accusation against the IGP.

What a mess our country seems to be in. We cannot allow top politicians to become too close to the police or vice versa or it become difficult to investigate serious crimes. The police can help redeem themselves if they request the government to implement the IPCMC soon.

RM2.9bil - That's What it Cost for FLAWED Highway Agreements

"Highway operators get RM2.9bil payout"


That's the headline of the malaysiakini article.
According to the article,
"Plus received RM2 billion, Litrak RM630 million, Kesas RM150 million and MTD RM98 million".

I'm not sure about the other companies but the last time I checked, PLUS is still making good profits each year and able to pay out tax-exempt dividends.
At one time, the government declared that they would reveal the toll agreements but then they chickened out when they realised that the agreement was too one-sided (you guess to which party) and then they came back with the excuse they needed to get the consent of the other party.

It seems to me that the toll agreements may have a clause with the following lucrative details for the company:
  1. There is a projected minimum traffic flow if not reached will attract compensation
  2. The toll rate is fixed and then allowed to increase perhaps 5% every 2 years
  3. The concession period is fixed for perhaps 25 years but easily extended when minor improvements are made.

You only have to look at the way PLUS has been able to extend the toll period to realise that these type of toll concessions are going to be with us forever unless there is a change of government.

To me a toll operator like PLUS may be useful but they need to be properly controlled as the effect on inflation will be great if toll hikes (or compensation) is allowed to rise with some unknown mechanism.

Let's have another look at those secret agreements. What is the government hiding?

Photo: thanks to malaysiakini

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just a Friendly Hint from BIG BROTHER, the USA

I think most Malaysians are not upset by the suggestion from the US spokesman in KL that the Anwar case seems to be a case of history repeating itself and expressing concern about the political motivation that may be involved.

Of course the Malaysian government has the right to protest about the "interference" in our internal affairs as mentioned in this malaysiakini article:

"PM assures safety of both complainant, accused"

It is commendable of the PM to assure Anwar's family that his safety was assured even though he was not really obliged to do so.
It shows that the PM is basically a decent chap. I remember when he first took office and he sent a Christmas card to all the churches but I don't remember any subsequent Christmas cards - perhaps the duties of his office are too heavy to bother about such trivialities.

But it seems Anwar's move to secure attention to his cause has succeeded and the authorities must prove their actions are beyond reproach. That's a little problematic as the government has conveniently forgotten all about the IPCMC; one of the major initiatives to redeem our police force.

But why should the USA be interested in Malaysia? Just like the Straits of Hormuz that is under threat by Iran, the Malacca Straits is a strategic waterway and the USA would not want Malaysia to become another Burma or Zimbabwee.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another CONUNDRUM for the PM....How Do You Investigate the IGP and the AG?

So Anwar has lodged his report against the two for allegedly fabricating evidence during his trial 10 years ago.

These are serious charges and malaysiakini has the article headed:
"Anwar lodges report against IGP, AG"

What complicates the issue is that Anwar himself is at present being accused of the same charge of sodomy as in the previous case.
So how do the police investigate the top guns in these departments?

It seems the government is in a difficult situation as the credibility of the government is now at risk - OK I know some of you will complain "What credibility?"

But if Malaysians want to look beyond the batch of people perceived to be corrupted, we need to start doing some things the right way or our nation will descend to the pariah nation that is Zimbabwee.

In major corporations, if any investigation is being carried out, the person under scrutiny takes a leave of absence. In this case it would be proper for the PM to ask the IGP and the AG to take time off so that the case can be properly investigated.

MALAYSIA's High Ranking for Dirty Politics....

No we have not reached the level of Zimbabwee where Mugabe has been reelected again in a one-sided Presidential elections that was marred by murder, intimidation and a rigged polls.

Perhaps we headed in that direction with the PM declaring that open forums on "ketuanan" subjects are taboo. I wonder if he was referring to "ketuanan UMNO"?

I remember my parents telling me that politics is a dirty game and to succeed in it, one needs to know a lot of dirty tricks.

Anwar was smeared before with sodomy charges and now history is repeating itself. In the last case, his black eye caused by the former IGP himself became world news and Malaysia became famous for dirty politics and sleaze.

As you can read in this malaysiakini article,
"Anwar leaves Turkish embassy"

he has managed to get a guarantee of his personal safety from three ministers Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, Foreign Minister Rais Yatim and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Considering the suffering he went through during his last arrest, it is not surprising that he did not want to be arrested again on similar charges; especially since some of the players in the last case are still in active service.

By involving the Turkish embassy, Anwar has managed to attract world-wide attention to his plight and mischief makers should be warned. Even the USA has issued a statement on his safety, according to a news report on the BBC radio. A repeat of the last kangaroo court would be the last thing Malaysia can afford in these troubled times.