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Monday, March 17, 2008

NEP is Dead.....Long Live the NEP!!

According to an East Malaysian MP, the NEP should not be discussed anymore as it has now been replaced with the NDP or National Development Policy/Program.

But has anyone noticed any difference between the two since the NDP began? They merely wasted more monies to promote the "new brand" after the makeover.

It is like a situation where you have scruffy-looking gangsters demanding extortion money from you for many years and then one fine day, the same guy appears all spiffed up but now he drives a BMW5 Series. And you have to pay more as they have changed their lifestyle.

The NEP began with good intentions but over the past 35+ odd years it became the fast track vehicle to immense wealth for perhaps 10000 odd people linked to the ruling elites.

You will find many of their exclusive homes in the various state capitals but with a large number in Kuala Lumpur.

The NEP now stands for Nefarious Enrichment of Parasites. What do you think?


PeterP said...

'Nefarious Enrichment of Parasites' is totally apt!

Crankshaft said...

The NEP now stands for Nefarious Enrichment of Parasites. What do you think?

I completely agree. :)

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