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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

See the Difference between Penang and Selangor Handovers?

In both states, the ruling party lost but in Penang the former Chief Minister did his job well under difficult circumstances and deserves our thanks for even taking the trouble to attend the swearing-in of the in-coming Chief Minister.


In Selangor a vastly different scenario was enfolding and it appears that numerous files were directed to be shredded after the results. We know that Selangor has some unusual land deals like the PKFZ and the recently deceased DUN and one cannot but suspect that important evidence may have been lost.

Based on such suspicious behaviour it important for the new state authorities to probe other means to uncover any corrupt practices of the previous officials.
Meanwhile there should be a lock-down of the State Secretariat Building and no one should enter unless accompanied by someone from the new government.

This unwarranted destruction of official files only shows the importance of a proper caretaker government during such elections.

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