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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Important Lessons from the Royals.......

Some people feel that royalty in modern society are just for ceremonial and historical reasons but the results of the recent elections show that our Royals can provide a stabilising influence in the aftermath of elections.

This NST story tells the background to the Perlis appointments.

This reinforces the need for a caretaker government during elections and perhaps the person to lead the caretaker government could be appointed by the Ruler for two months or less so that the elected representatives can make a good decision as to who should lead the state or the nation.

This person must be well respected and trust-worthy to ensure that no documents are destroyed to cover up wrongdoings.

All in, one could say that Malaysians could not have wished for a better result for the 12th GE. We all have been blessed with the best opportunity to progress towards Vision2020 with renewed enthusiasm.


Zawi said...

Your idea of a caretaker government appointed by the ruler of the state is a sound one to prvent what Khir Toyo did to the state's document perceived to be incriminating to the previous government.
We should use that to rally for change.

PeterP said...

That should be the next step in our evolution to become a more democratic country.