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Sunday, March 30, 2008

YES! Most Malaysians Want the HINDRAF 5 Released or Charged...

It is morally wrong to have a law like the ISA that empowers the government to detain anyone without trial for 2 years and then indefinitely at the sole pleasure of the Interior Minister.

It is also a dangerous thing to have one person with the authority that cannot be challenged in a court.

Sammy Vellu's statementis encouraging and it is time for all like-minded Malaysians to send this message to the Prime Minister.

We should not accept that slip-shod investigations by the authorities can be covered by such a draconian law. Release them or charge them in court.

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novice101 said...

The government says M. Manoharan is a security risk and poses a threat to the public, that should mean it has evidences which allowed them to come to this decision. Then, he should be charged in court and the proper sentence be meted out to him. If, he can't be charged in court, then he should be immediately released.

Refusing to do so, is, showing disrespect to the rakyat and is disregarding its expressed wishes. It would also mean the government is paranoid !

The rakyat is now keeping tabs of the numbers of blunders committed by the BN government.