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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The ISA Should be Properly Used for National Security and Not Political Convenience

Some people say laws like the ISA should be abolished but since September 11, many nations have passed laws similar to the ISA where suspects can be detained to protect national security.

Malaysia too has the ISA and many critics feel that it has been used more for "political convenience" than genuine national security.

After spending millions to upgrade the capability of the police, one wonders why they cannot find enough evidence to charge ISA detainees in court. Remember under the present ISA laws, you are held at the pleasure of the Interior Minister who has glibly remarked in malaysiakini about Manoharon, the newly elected people's choice for Kota Alam Shah, "You definitely can't be at two places at the same time,"

And the reason? It is implied that he does not like the idea that the people selected this person while under ISA detention.
Just as the Lingam tape fiasco shows, there is always a great danger that one man with unfettered powers like the ISA can cause major damage to a nation unless his actions come under public scrutiny.

For the ISA laws, there must be a judicial review after 30 days.
Our present ISA is akin to giving someone the only key to a bunker where nuclear warheads are stored and ready for activation. In the ISA, it is our basic rights and freedom that will be destroyed.

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