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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Procrastinate Or Change!

Change is inevitable.
If you do not accept change, the world changes without you and you will be left behind.

Just observe the changes you can see around you.
Two simple examples: the mobile phone and the Internet.

15 years ago,most of us did not use a mobile phone but today even primary school children use this modern technology.

What of the Internet? Did you know some people are managing million dollar business just with the click of the mouse?

What is the cause of such changes?

Human beings have this great ability to change things and that is what really sets them apart from the other creatures.

How do we change things? The French philospher and mathematician Descartes has this famous concept "I Think Therefore I Am!"

Animals don't think they just simply react based on instincts.

Unfortunately there is another side of the ability to think. This NEGATIVE side is called Procrastination. That means putting off doing things for later and for some people, later means NEVER.

How many of you here never procrastinate? So many admit to procrastination. I too am guilty and I think I qualify at expert level.

What is wrong with procrastination?
Have you heard people say the following?:

"I wish I had spent more time with my children"
"I wish I had saved more when I was younger"
"I wish I had studied harder at school"

That is the result of procrastination.

What are some of the things you want to change?

Maybe you are in a bad relationship
Perhaps you want to quit smoking
Be careful what you want to change for your wish can really come true!
Some of you will remember that I mentioned in my last speech that some people want to change the government and see what happened!

How do you go about change?
1.Analyse the problem
2.Develop possible solutions and consider what/if scenarios
3.Decide what will happen in the worst case scenario and if you are prepared to accept that.
4.Make a plan of action - plan to change
5 Take action - change to plan
6.Take corrective action if necessary.
7.Enjoy the results.

There have been quite a few elections in the past 6 months and the one most publicised is the USA Presidential Elections to be held in November.
If you watched CNN or BBC, you can hear Obama speeches and I quote from one of these on change:
"You are the change you seek"
"You are the change you are waiting for".

That sounds like you have been procrastinating but Obama says it in a nice way.
Before I conclude can I ask the members here:

Has my speech convinced you to start doing your TM projects again?
VPE please take note.

(This is an expanded version of a speech I gave for my ToastMasters Club in Johor Baru that won the Champion award. After winning I decided to do the next project)

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