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Monday, March 31, 2008

UMNO Reforms - More Leaders Finding their Courage to Speak Up

One positive result brought about by the recent General Elections is that a new wind of change is sweeping through many political parties and even UMNO, the party that has been at the centre of the government since MERDEKA is finding it necessary to contemplate reform to regain its dominant position.

Even the former PM lamented that he was not able to reform UMNO and change the Malay mindset in one of his many speeches. I am not sure if he was referring to the UMNO mindset or the other Malays who decided to vote opposition recently.

TDM forgets that it was he who created the UMNO election system whereby the rules were changed so that top leaders were "protected" from challengers by means of the qualifying requirements. UMNO had been ruled strictly from the "top down" approach and the grassroots were merely the "ants" doing all the work and having little say in the party direction.

Malaysians should thank AAB for allowing the democratic space to grow and even UMNO is now enjoying a fresh breeze. Many claim that AAB brought about his own downfall with his carefree non-chalant style of appearing to do nothing but some of us feel his style has enabled Malaysia to get some hope that things can change for the better of the nation.

Let us hope that UMNO leaders who are acceptable to all Malaysians will take up the challenge and offer themselves for the top posts.

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novice101 said...

If there is smoke , there is fire....
Dr, M was quoted as saying Anwar had maligned him all over the world. Very mischievious of Anwar to do that, he should not maligned an innocent old man. Dr. M you should not be so unduly worried or irritated by this, if, you had done nothing wrong. The men and women, whom you appointed to the UMNO supreme council and the divisions, had the intelligence to see your innocence. Those outside this group and the people in the west are all brainless assses, so don't you worry about it.

Those stupid, brainless dumbos, at it again...
You have repeated time and again, to the Malays that they will be made use of by the foreign powers if Anwar were to be the PM. Yet your wise words have felt on deaf ears. Dr. M, be magnanimous, don't forget the non-Malays, they would also suffer, won't they, if Anwar were to be the PM of Malaysia. Don't you think the foreign devils lack the mental capacities to differentiate rationally. Dr. M, please don't leave the non-Malays out, you can persuade them to alienate themselves from Anwar, too.

Pot calling the kettle black ....
This Anwar is really 'cunning', he says different things to different people. Dr. M, don't you wish you can throw him in jail again? The smile you displayed in the video clip, in YouTube, in which you said how you threw him in jail, showed very clearly how much pleasure the act offered you. Hope he is as magnanimous as you. Hope he doesn't put you in jail when he becomes PM. Don't worry, doc., the rakyat will come to your rescue, as what you had said and are saying are always the truths.

The 'albatross, coming back to haunt ........
When you were the UMNO president, you introduced the Nomination Quota System, with the noblest of intention of ensuring the only the qualified could stand. All this 'thick-skull' rakyat doesn't seem to get it, it still has the 'stupid notion' that your definition of 'qualified' was 'loyalty to you. It still does not believe you did it for purely altruistic motive. How silly can that be! How can it be of personal interest when you wanted to stay as president so that you could do more good for the country. It has the cheek to call you 'fork-tongued.

The ungrateful Muhyiddin Yassin....
That's what one gets for doing kindness for others, he wouldn't be a minister today if it was not for you, isn't that right, Doc? The UMNO supreme council and the divisional heads were all for it, weren't they. Their support was unadulterated, there was no political patronage involved there, is that right , Doc? And this Muhyiddin was in the supreme council himself, wasn't him? He accused you now of keeping the NQS for wanting to undermine any challenge to you. What challenge was he talking about, Doc? Was he talking about Ku Li attempting to challenge you for a second time? But you won to continue as president again and again, didn't you? But the easily persuaded rakyat has the perception that the move was to safeguard your own self-survival. How serious a challenge can Ku Li pose you, a 'has been' politician, how silly can they be, don't they know how invincible you were then!