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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Winning or Losing is Part of Politics......

Congrats to all the winners and "try again" to the losers.
Malaysia made history by returning so many states to the opposition and in a way it seems that most of Peninsula Malaysia has sent a very strong signal to the leaders of the BN.

Some people have written that the BN may be toppled by the next round but the game of politics is strange as the election results have shown. If the playing field is more even I am sure the opposition would have done better.

To me this is the best result and the opposition does not really have enough experience to govern the nation as some parties like PKR and DAP have never ruled states before.

The result gives the BN government the chance to prove that it is not really such an uncaring government and one way to show this is not to deny the opposition states appropriate funds as planned.

I watched the outgoing Chief Minister of Penang last night and he gave a good example of how to accept defeat. That is how good leaders react in defeat.

Kudos too to the IGP who announced the ban on street celebrations as tensions were high and unruly elements can exploit the situation.

Those who lost should read the life story of Abraham Lincoln, the USA President. Take a break and if politics is really in your blood, I am sure you will say like Arnold S, "I'll be back!!"

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