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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not the Ideal Working Situation

Being a good policeman is quite a tough job these days as there are many in the force who opposed the IPCMC that was recommended by the Royal Commission after a series of incidents that marred the name of the RMP.

The government appears to have taken the position that the IPCMC would have created more problems and have taken the step by step approach rather than a complete overhaul of the police force with the removal of rogue policemen.

The struggle between good and evil in society takes place on a daily basis and covers all levels and it is inevitable that often those who have to manage criminals on a regular basis may become too familiar with them.

Even IPGs can be offered inducements to go easy on crooks or face the consequences and I remember there was a very senior cop who was gunned down in the 70s in Ipoh.

So the claim by the IGP that he was framed by his own men should be taken very seriously. He really cannot operate effectively under such conditions and should take immediate steps to root out such elements.

We must remember that the IGP is the top gun who puts into effect all law and order provisions of the nation and we must back him to provide us the best police force.
This is a more important task than the launching of any more growth corriders anywhere in Malaysia. The stench is strong at Bukit Aman.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Losing Credibility

A government loses credibility when the following happens:

1.A minister makes a grandstand on TV to cancel a major works project and then wants to reconsider after an appeal from the state authority.

2.A minister suddenly withdraws from a high profile international vacancy citing the reason as being too involved with the 50th Merdeka celebrations.

3.Another minister trivialises blogs that are critical of the government as "goblok".

4.The government stubbornly refuses to implement the findings of it own Royal Commission on the Police but has granted most of the perks and benefits requested.

Perhaps it is not bloggers who are "goblok" but the majority of voters who are taken in each election to keep the same people in power.

Even after 40 years of NEP the ruling elite still proclaim the same mantra to the voters, "One for you, one thousand for me" and most of the voters are taken in.

As the famous protest song ends,
"When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?"

Friday, July 27, 2007

Demon Teachers

I am sure readers of all ages can remember a few teachers who terrorised their students.

The latest incidents being reported only reflects the more open attitude towards not accepting behaviour that is excessive and with modern technology not much goes unrecorded these days.

I am the product of the school system of yesterday and I spent the years from Primary 1 to Upper Six in just one school, the St. Michael's Inst. in Ipoh.

Most people will say that was one of the best schools in town, the other good schools being Anderson, ACS and the Convents.

But even my school had its share of demon teachers who used to terrorise the students. Some of them have passed on but I won't disclose any names here.

Teacher 1 was a man who had the peculiar habit of grabbing and twisting the boys' testicles. Usually done to 2 boys who committed various offences. That was in primary school and no one wore underwear in those days(50s). Ear pulling was quite commonly practised by many teachers.

Teacher 2 used to throw chalkboard dusters and chalk at students who fell asleep or were not paying attention. In one incident, one sleeping student picked up the duster and flung it back at the teacher. There was an uneasy silence after that but the boy was not punished further.

In lower secondary, this student was bad-mouthing a teacher when suddenly the teacher executed two judo throws on the student and then held him in a stranglehold and got him to apologise. It was on a wooden floor and the sound effect was really something.

It is good that the ministry is coming up with a review of the discipline problem. As for that "dunking" teacher if the families have forgiven her and she has apologised in the interests of the students pending exams, the ministry should also consider the case closed.

If action is taken against her after the exams, it would seem that issues were not decided on proper principles but rather expediency.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Overcrowding Any Vehicle Should be an Offence

Although there is no specific law to limit the number of passengers in private vehicles, I think the police are empowered to summon anyone who has so many passengers crammed into a vehicle that it is not possible to be in control of that vehicle.

For example if a driver crams 8 passengers into a normal saloon car, the handling of the car will be compromised as the steering and suspension was not designed for such a load.

Before the laws are amended to require the use of seat belts for all passengers, the police should clamp down on overloaded vehicles under the sections that deals with "being unable to control the vehicle properly" or "not being in proper control of the vehicle."

A court case under such rules will require more work but I believe the existing traffic rules are adequate enough to reduce overloading NOW

Teachers Need More Support from Parents and the System

It must really be a tough job to look after children in a boarding school.

I teach a class of about 25 teenagers once a week and it is a constant struggle not to reprimand them during the session.

In today's society, most parents spend very little time with their children who tend to be "brought up" by maids, video games or Astro.

Busy parents tend to compensate for their limited time with children by giving them instant gratification like junk food and useless toys. You can observe these children who are usually obese eating some snack or drinking a fizzy drink at supermarkets.
And some parents really have too many children to nurture properly and these end up as problem children especially if they get sent to a boarding school.
Misguided parents do not realise that their undisciplined children could become the drop-outs of society.

It is good that not only the teacher is being investigated for this serious misguided punishment but the PTA and parents too are being advised on the situation.

Perhaps the Ministry of Education and the Family Ministry should conduct a compulsory briefing for parents before the children are sent to a boarding school. Parents need not attend for every child - perhaps once in 5 years if they have more than one child?

Teachers in remote locations should be provided some counselling help if they are struggling to cope. These postings should not last more than 2 years or burn-out will occur.

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Blocked from Lim Kit Siang's site?

I wonder why my posts are blocked from LKS's site.
I can log in but the posts are not published.

Anyone else with this problem?
Surely my comments are not that unreasonable?
Have sent him an email but still no reply after one week.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Welcome to Year 3 of MALAYSIAWATCH

Thanks to all the readers who have visited my blog these past 2 years.
Any feedback that will make it more interesting is most welcomed.