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Sunday, March 30, 2008

C'mon Education Director-General, Why Practise Double Think?

Small wonder that the Education Ministry is producing students who cannot read and write properly, especially when we have a DG of Education who cannot give simple answers as to whether Opposition state leaders cannot be invited to functions of the ministry.
I wrote yesterday about the Deputy DG of Penang who gave such a lame excuse about not inviting the new Chief Minister to an official function.

He mentions people might "politicise" such events but don't we always see that with the "Another Project by BN Government"?
The sooner government servants realise that they must serve all, regardless of political affialations, the faster we will develop as a nation.

I am sure during the recent campaign, many BN candidates and acting Ministers would have made speeches at official functions extolling people to vote BN. Now, that is the height of politicising official events.

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