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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some Support for AAB to Continue as the PM

Compared to the Go/Stay answers in Malaysia Today's poll where the poll attracted tens of thosands with the majority wanting Go (~90% but the poll has been removed)MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 35 attracted 150 replies.

Thanks to the 150 readers who took the trouble to evaluate the possibilities.
These are the findings to the question:

"What Are Your Views on Abdullah Badawi Remaining as the PM of Malaysia?"

53% Want him to go with these suggestions:

39% or 59 readers picked "He Should Resign Immediately and Let BN Appoint the Next PM"

14% or 21 readers chose "He Should Follow TDM's Advice and Appoint the DPM to Take Over"

46%(1% rounding error)Want him to stay with these ideas:

33% or 50 readers chose "He Should Work Closely with the Opposition to Develop More Decentralized Government"

8% or 12 readers chose "He Should Stay On and Allow More Democratic Practices in BN and the administration"

5% or 8 readers chose "He Should Just Continue as Before"

1 comment:

tif said...

Frankly I believe AAB shpould stay for the following reasons:-
1. The next likely candidate to assume the post of PM from BN will definitely be even worse (in terms of perception to corruption, sex scandals, and abuse of power - not forgetting the ultra-racists statements made. To muslims he is ignorant of his own professed religion).
2. It will be easier for BR to win in the next election because the incumbent is not likely to institute any meaningful reforms - since he is in apparent denial and delusional in terms of public support to him.