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Friday, March 28, 2008

UMNO - the Dilemma is Clear. Reform or Be Reformed

It is good that UMNO has decided not to postpone its AGM any more as it surely needs to act urgently to take steps to recapture the hearts and minds of more Malaysians if it wants to remain relevant in Malaysian politics.

Many voters will say that they did not really vote for the BR opposition parties but they actually wanted to give the urgent message to the BN and especially UMNO that they were really unhappy with many issues.

Perhaps the supreme council can modify the rules to contest top leadership posts in the party by halving the nominations required to be eligible. For example if 60 divisions now are required, that figure could be reduced to 30. This will allow younger and more dynamic leaders to contest and bring a new vitality to the party.

It will also allow more vigorous debate on how UMNO can become the party of all Malaysians. Many of its members are highly qualified and they should know that Malaysians want to move away from racist politics that has stifled the freedom and liberty of all Malaysians.
Many have spent years in the USA, the land of the free and home of the brave,to be able to observe that we have been practising an unhealthy brand of politics that marginalises everyone except the ruling elites.

By modifying the contest rules, those trying to make sudden leadership changes will have more time to make better proposals rather than simply ousting the old guard with an EGM.

UMNO members should ponder carefully about how they want the party to reform. Business as usual is not an option.

The BR states need only to perform about 20% better than the BN states to be returned in the next elections. Before then, the BN needs to reform or be reformed as the BN Opposition.

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Trashed said...

The reformation process within UMNO is very straight forward.

Does UMNO continue to harp on RACE, RELIGION and COUNTRY (in that order) or re-order tht to COUNTRY, RELIGION and RACE ?

The GE12 results show that the electorate voted significantly in the direction of the latter, so UMNO and its BN cohorts need to evaluate how they can adapt to the wishes of the populace. Otherwise GE13 may further undermine its relevance.