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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Malaysia's 12th General Elections - the Biggest Winner

No it is not the opposition parties that did so well.
To me the biggest winner is you, the concerned citizen who took the trouble to cast your vote as a responsible citizen.

The BN if it is wise will form a government of national unity and invite the opposition to hold some ministerial posts so that Malaysia will progress as a nation.

As for the Elections Commission, it is sad that some officers were involved in the boat accident in Sarawak but fortunately no one was killed.
What puzzles me is that these brave officials risked their lives doing a good job in dangerous conditions and yet in the security of the police and army camps near towns, the EC officials allowed the police and army to administer the voting. This can raise many questions.

I suggest there should be a Special Parliamentary Committee to do a thorough audit on the goings-on in the EC. The indelible ink being "overlooked" though they knew the law is a scandal in itself.

Now that there are more opposition MPs, the role of the citizen does not end. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"(Burke?).

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