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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work Site Safety - Malaysia's Poor Record

It is quite sad that many people still die in industrial accidents and often the human factor is the weakest link.

In many cases there is a lot of pressure to complete the tasks and often short cut are taken. Safety rules are ignored and precautions are are not fully followed.
Many workers too don't bother to learn where are the dangers in their work-place.

There is also the tendency to cover up blatant disregard for safety rules as prominent companies may be involved and penalties are minimal in relation to the damage done.

For this fatal accident, I would also check the following:

1.Was the proper procedure followed to erect the tower?
2.Was the cable connections done according to the recommended procedure.
3.Were the workers working with safe practices?
4.Were the proper tools and equipment supplied?
5.Were the workers under adequate supervision?
6.What were the weather conditions like?
7.Was the replacement tower in good condition?

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