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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NS - A WARNING for All Parents!

This letter to malaysiakini shows that it is simply foolish to hope and trust that NS staff are the best people to take care of your kids during National Service.

There are a few reasons like:

1.Inadequate staff/trainee ratio
2.Poorly trained staff
3.Staff who couldn't care for the children of strangers.

It is good that the writer included his name so that the NS people can do a proper investigation of the case.

Many Malaysian children are asthmatic and sometimes the attacks come after strenous activities. They may start wheezing and if not treated properly they can develop bronchitis. Without swift intervention, that can lead to pneonomia and subsequent death.

At one time I had hoped that my son would be selected but after hearing the horror stories, I am glad he was not chosen. We sent him for the 30-day OBS at Lumut instead.

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