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Monday, April 7, 2008

SYABAS! Swift Police Response Saves Girl from Unknown Fate

This only shows the importance of public cooperation with the police who cannot be everywhere to prevent crime.
The public can serve as the eyes and the ears when we have only limited CCTV coverage in crowded places.
You need not confront the criminals but the least you should do is to observe details of the criminals and make, registration number and colour of the vehicle and time of incident.

The case has a few unanswered questins that warrant further checks:

1.Why did the man wait so long to report the abduction? Was he part of an elaborate plan to sell his daughter? Was he the biological father or step-father? Was the family overloaded with too many children?

2.At 1:15am, what was this young girl doing at the "doorstep of her house"? Most homes would be securely locked up by then.

If the man was involved in the abduction of his own daughter, it is possible that he had second thoughts and decided to make that report. We read of many cases where young girls get raped by their own father so this aspect should not be ruled out.

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