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Friday, April 25, 2008

If So-Called Mature Leaders Behave Like This, How Can We Expect Youths to Learn Nation-Building During NS?

The hooha about the ex-Gerakan leader helping out the Penang authorities by heading two important positions is a sorry example of poor bahaviour by our so-called political leaders.

It is not as if he is heading some terrorist group as those organisations will attract investors, create jobs and therefore increase the taxes that will flow to the federal government.

At first, the more pleasant side of the PM was reflected when he hoped "it could be a new beginning" for BN and PR but soon it was replaced by the more strident "against BN policy"; as if it was working with the enemy.

Now if the federal leaders cannot work in harmony with the state authorities that have been legally elected, what kind of example are we showing to the youths?

We throw them together for 3 months with a program that costs more than RM600m each year, get a few killed in the process and then hope they will learn racial tolerance, nation-building etc.

GOSH! From the way our leaders behave, this is really good monies down the drain. Did I hear someone mention, "NO....into someone's pockets!"


novice101 said...

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H J Angus said...

novice 101
sorry wouldn't know how to check.

novice101 said...


novice101 said...

Could the blog profile cast any light?

novice101 said...

Could the blog profile cast any light?

H J Angus said...

novice 101
I believe some people have on their blogs some info like "your IP details are......"

Maybe ask them

PeterP said...

Looks like,the BN dosen't like anyone working for the rakyat and the country - unless on their terms and conditions !

novice101 said...

The statement that allowing the BN people to take up posts offered by the PR is helping to plug the talent gap in the PR shows us a few things about the BN:

> show their selfishness. This clearly demonstrate to the people that they put the interest of their parties above that of the nation.
> shows the narrow thinking of the BN leaders. They still hold on to the idea that good ideas and good programs can only come from them. Others don't have the abilities to come up with anything better than them.
> shows the fear grippling the BN leaders. They are afraid that if this proves to be successful, then they will lose the support of the people.
> show their immaturity. Their act shows they subscribe to the childish notion of 'if you are not with us, then you are against us'.
> show their backwardness. They can't accept the new reality, they refuse to move forward with time.
> they lack initiative. They no longer can come up new ideas and innovative programs.

The BN politicians are living under the 'Siezed' mentality! Pitiful, after more than one and a half month, nothing concrete has emerged from the BN. It seems they are still groping in the dark. Thet have totally lost direction!