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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NS - Enough Trainees Have Died Through Ignorance or Negligence.....

Recently there were 2 incidents that show many problems still plague the NS Scheme. A girl gave birth while a boy died of "pulmonary haemorrhage" due to infection .

The present scheme only requires the trainee to declare that he/she is fit for the program but as past incidents have shown, some of these deaths could have been prevented, especially related to health conditions.

Now if you Google "pulmonary haemorrhage" you will find this site that links pulmonary haemorrhage to a possible congenital heart condition "mitral stenosis" or a faulty heart.

The onus should be more on the NS Scheme to check the medical conditions of trainees who are suspect. Checking 100,000 may be too costly but maybe the costs can be offset if the training is cut by one week.

Also trainees must also bring their school physical education records so that their last training can be ascertained. Those who were not active for 3 months and more should get a physical check-up.

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