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Monday, April 14, 2008

A Friend in Need or Why I Agree with Samy Vellu This Time

Yeah I know most people do not love Samy Vellu but his argument that AAB should not just resign on anyone's say-so or because BN lost badly in the last elections makes some sense.

The Cabinet and BN has always announced decisions as if such decisions are made on a collective basis; except when some items are kept secret or not fully disclosed like the AP Scandal.

Over years, hardly any minister has been forced to resign as a matter of poor policy and as long as the government remained strong, the PM and his Cabinet has been able to stave off all criticisms under the "collective leadership" umbrella.

But today as the BN government is being shaken to the core, many are clamouring that the Prime Ministe MUST resign so that the BN parties can rise from the debacle.

Is will just changing the PM make any difference if the individual BN parties do not change their ideologies or if the members do not change their thinking?
Now if we understand collective leadership, then not only the PM should resign but all those who held Cabinet posts in the last term should also give up their posts so that everyone starts with a clean sheet.

I suggest we should move away from the "collective leadership" concept and make ministers responsible for bad decisions. That way, the office of the PM remains strong. Let the minister resign and the public will perceive that the mistake has been learned.

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