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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tourism Minister....You Dare Claim it's Not Political? Try That on a 6-Year Old Child

Our Tourism Minister, aka the one who proposed a RM500m sports project in London at Brickdonerry that was cancelled after the UK authorities rejected the plans now wants to punish the PR opposition states by not channelling funds to the state government but directly to tourists officials appointed by the federal authorities.

How petty can one get?
And the cheek and audacity to claim that it is not for political reasons but only following the similar petty move they made when Kelantan fell to PAS rule.

It seems the central government is making a good case for the state authorities to amend the tax laws (at federal level) so that states must be allocated perhaps 30% of all taxes collected. This will enable the states to operate with more independence and not be subject to bird-brained schemes.

The funds should be allocated as per MOU and the Putrajaya authorities should just monitor the programs and expenses and provide feedback. Abuse of funds can be pursued with the AG's Report if necessary.

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