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Monday, April 21, 2008

An Independent ACA? malaysiakini Must Eat its Words

Just 2 days ago, malaysiakini had this article titled "ACA reform - again a let-down from PM".

AAB has been criticised by most for being slow off the mark but as they say a dying person appreciates every moment as being precious and wastes no time, AAB now realises this could be his final term in politics unless he is able to pull a few rabbits out of the hat.

Maybe the vociferous demands for him to step down has finally freed him and he now can decide on doing what is right and also good for the nation.
The majority of Malaysians really don't demand much and these are a few "must haves":

1.Government that is responsible and responsive.
2.Equitable treatment for all citizens.
3.Poverty eradication programs that help the real needy.
4.A good judicial system.
5.A police force with minimal corruption.

Today there is this great news from malaysiakini "ACA to be fully independent". The PM can create a much more forceful impact if he had included a statement like "This is going to be the first item for discussion at the first sitting of Parliament". Maybe introduce it under urgent business.

I don't suppose the people at M'kini mind eating their words? It is much easier doing it in Cyberspace!

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