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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SYABAS to the Police for being Ready for the Long-awaited IPCMC

It has taken a few years but as they say, "Better Late than Never".
The IGP has now thrown the gauntlet down to the law-makers to pass the bill that will set up the IPCMC.

This bill is important as it complements the rebranding of the Police that came under serious public scrutiny with the "nude squat" incident that caused a minister to take a flying trip to China even though the woman was a Malaysian. I wonder what the Chinese thought of that silly sojourn.

It is good to have a PR program for the police but I feel changing slogans every 2 years is wasteful and not effective. I suggest a consistent slogan that will last for many years would be, "We Serve with Dedication and Integrity"

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