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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Much Re-Branding is Necessary to Revive the BN?

We can observe the ugly side of humans nowadays as unhappy members try to lay all the blame for the BN's sorry election results on mainly the Prime Minister.

There is no doubt that the BN has been dealt a severe blow as the main political force of Malaysia and some doubt if it will be able to survive the demand of more transparency and good governance from the ordinary Malaysians who used to be rather complacent about political matters.

Before BN can undertake a major re-branding, the component parties need to embrace urgent reforms that may include morphing into non-racist parties; possibly with a change of name so that the old heavy baggage of the past can be buried for good.

UMNO as the main party appears to have the most unwanted baggage and so maybe the other parties should take the lead and merge into one political party with universal ideals that are acceptable to all Malaysians.

This will save precious time for the former BN components and UMNO leaders should also take part in the deliberations before their AGM in December.

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PeterP said...

The BN parties should first carry out self-introspection. They must find out how they, as individuals and as a group contributed to their own downfall. Were their commissions and omissions merely for their own individual benefit first, the party second and to hell with the feelings of the rakyat? When did they last call a spade a spade?

Honest answers to these and many other questions should lead to a paradigm shift of placing the needs of the country first.

Whilst snakes are known to shed their skins, they nevertheless remain snakes, but a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

For the garden to bloom, weeds and parasites must be removed.