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Monday, April 7, 2008

"Defections: Why Pakatan should wait" -- I Support this malaysiakini Article

Cease and desist!
That should be the principle applied to both sides of the political divide if Malaysia is to emerge stronger as a politically matured nation with no one trying to buy out MPs from the other side.

The nation has suffered much from about 25 years of racist politics and another 5 years (at the most) of a perceived weak leader is not going to affect the nation greatly.
If AAB starts to clean up the mess left by TDM and is able to reform the BN before leaving the nation with more democratic and responsible institutions like the IPCMC-reformed Police(that they have agreed to), I am sure both sides of the political divide will benefit.

With a larger Opposition in Parliamet, the Government will have to debate laws and issues more carefully and we will even get to watch some live recording.

So let's say NO to any party-hoppers of whatever colour. Switching allegiance should be considered the ultimate betrayal of the people.

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novice101 said...

Anwar is a veteran politician, he is well-aware that not all those who had voted for the PKR candidates in the recent GE12, would approve of all his moves and intentions. A particular case in point is getting BN elected representatives to switch camp.

The rakyat wants change - change from an abusive, arrogant and 'out-of-touch' government! It does not want a one party rule. PR has to prove its worth first before the rakyat would entrust it with the running of the country. Prove that you are a worthy opposition first!

Anwar must bear in mind that many voters still hold on to the view even though this is politics, moral values are still supreme. They are not prepared to compromise on this. Taking advantage of opportunities may be an acceptable and an expedient move in the political arena but these voters still look with disdain and disgust on those who readily indulge in these acts without restraint and without any sense of guilt.

The rakyat wants an united country achieved through moral, decent means. No back-doors moves, please!